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Frenkie de Jong - 90 - FUT Future Stars SBC
He's amazing and plays like in real life!
By geseki, 19-01-2019

The biggest talent in the world right now. Every big club wants him. Is he going to Barcelona? PSG? Manchester City? No one knows yet, but there's no denying he will go to one of these big clubs.

Why? Who is he? Well do a quick youtube search and find out. He's the guy that can make France look like amateurs in the Nations League. He Kante'd Kante.

He is the cause that the Netherlands and Ajax are doing great again.

What type of player is he in real life? His a mixture of a defending mid, controlling mid and a playmaker with dribbles and acceleration of a winger.

I think he's great and his SBC is really cheap for what you get.

I've played 10 games with him divided in Weekend League (I finish elite 3 most of the times) and playing in Division 2.

Frenkie de Jong can be played as a CAM, CM and CDM. His finishing is average and I wouldn't recommend him as a CAM or CF. I dont think he would be bad but you'd rather want a 5* weakfoot player on those positions.

I played him as a CDM because in real life, he plays as a controlling midfielder who directs the build up play.

Now with Deadeye chem he actually has amazing stats for a CAM, but like I said before, it's better to have a 5* weakfoot player for those finesse shots and stay unpredictable.

You're pretty limited with his 3* weakfoot on attack.

I used shadow chem on him to boost his pace to a whooping 97 pace. He's 180cm and has 88 agility and 82 balance which makes him feel really rapid.

His dribbling base stats are amazing and also helps making him feel faster on the ball.

He has the flair trait which is amazing for a CDM. You can do backheels and more while the opponent puts pressure on him, but that's no problem for one of the biggest talents in the world right now. He laughs in the face of danger. Pressure isn't a big deal at all.

You can either choose to combine with your teammates to fight the pressure with his pinpoint passing. OR you can use his 4*skills which is also great for a CDM.

You don't even need to know the most difficult ones. Just atleast one of the following (the more the better); the La Croqueta, heel to heel, fake shots, the giovinco tornado (reverse berba) and flicks.

These are all incredibly easy to pull off.

His passing feels like you're passing with De Bruyne. It's insanely accurate which is great for build up play. Luckily I have De Bruyne in my team and passing the ball with Frenkie de Jong to De Bruyne feels like the opponent has no chance to intercept. It always goes right as you want it to.

Straight 10/10. As a CDM you wont cross the ball and most of the time you have strikers, wingers or a CAM to take the freekicks instead of De Jong.

His shooting is alright. He has 99 shot power which is nice. So if you want to do a timed finesse, dont hold back. Just go for it. If you time it right, the accuracy and power will increase, so dont let that 82 long shot stat hold you back. That's more than enough. His volley stat is 99 which is random. Penalty stat is low but most of the time, he wont take one.

Haven't let him do any headers on goal so I can't judge on that.

Because of his mid/mid workrate, you might think you would rather see a different one for a CDM like high def mid atk. But it's actually great and I will tell you why.

He has 89 marking with shadow, so he will be at the right position regardless, and on attack, he has 87 positioning as base stat which is amazing. Just like in real life, he's always at the right place.

Now his physicality is also just like in real life. Nothing impressive. But since you shouldn't try to win any duels, but rather intercept and tackle, you wont get bothered by it.

I've paired him up with Kante so he does more of the dirty work than De Jong. So there's that and I highly recommend anyone to do the same. If you're looking for a solo CDM, I'm pretty sure he can do a decent job but he wont dominate like a Kante would, so De Jong would be better off as a CM (like in a 41212(2) formation).

Long story short, should you get him? Well it depends on what you want. He is Aouar with his crazy stats, you could put that guy anywhere you want. Frenkie isn't like that. You need to have a specific role for him. I think he's simply amazing as a 2nd CDM in a 4231 (compact) and as a CM in a 41212(2).

He has a perfect link with De Ligt and you can use FUTMas Van Aanholt, UCL Live Tagliafico, Dumfries and/or Van Dijk to link up with him.

I'll write a review of De Light when I have the time.

  • SO CHEAP, you're getting an amazing player for CHEAP
  • Amazing for build up play and counters.
  • Flair trait which is amazing for a CDM
  • Fast
  • Smooth dribbling
  • 4* skills
  • Turns around pretty quick for his size (but not on Kante or Messi level of course)
  • Marks the opponent really well
  • Amazing passing
  • High vision stat
  • 99 shot power (if you've mastered timed finesse, the 82 long shot stat wont even matter)

  • Only 82 stamina, but his passing isn't affected when he gets tired, so you could leave him in till the end of the game without much trouble.
  • Average finishing
  • Average in the air (he does win some but dont except to win duels against Ronaldo or whatever. However, not a lot of times will there be crosses given in the area where he walks so he rarely heads it anyway)
  • Not defensively strong enough to completely let him solo play as a CDM
Formation: 4231
Position: CDM
Games: 10
GPG: 0.20
APG: 0.40
Pace (8/10)
Shooting (7/10)
Passing (10/10)
Dribbling (9/10)
Defending (8/10)
Physicality (7/10)
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