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Cristiano Ronaldo - 99 - TOTY
The GOAT (On FIFA 19)
By FifaTekks, 28-01-2019

Honestly, after seeing this year’s TOTY, I was amazed on how good these cards were, so I got all of the Midfielders and Attacker cards and by January 30th, I would make reviews for all of them. So, lets get some background. My main team was a 192 (With Gold and Bronze subs), and now it is a 194 (With semi good gold and bronze subs, and ZLATAN FLASHBACK)! But anyway, I managed to get chem with a 5-4-1 and Ronaldo 99 TOTY was the striker.

Main Formation and players who mostly helped him.


LW Mbappe TOTY

RW Neymar TOTY

CM PELE 98, Maradona 97.


RW RTTF Cuadrado

LW RTTF Douglas Costa

CM RTTF Hamsik


So two great teams but of course the first team was better, the TOTY Ronaldo card played 80 Games, 40 Weekend League and 40 Division 1 Rivals, and boy oh boy am I not selling this broken gem. Honestly, I have to admit, some mistakes, but just the things, I used a 181 Team with him as the ST and he played fantastically too, just man oh man, what a god!

40 WL Games

61 Goals

31 Assists

40 Div Rivals Games (DIV 1)

43 Goals

13 Assists

And man I am proud of that, just his presence scares of defenders, man when I get the ball with him I think of one word, shoot, because it will land in the back of the net! Sometimes I just take the ball go to my own goal and just hold L2 and Fake Shot, and he will get past everyone without them tackling you! What a legend. I had 99 Messi, but Ronaldo is a TOTAL different level, I saw a review about him being a sluggish card, either he doesn’t know how to play or he doesn’t know how to play, because this dude is AMAZING!

Anyway, STATS.


Chips, Finesse, Trick Shots, Power Shots, Weak Foot, Normal Shots, Driven Shots, Timed Shots, Yellow Timed Shots, Headers, any other shot that is not Red Timed finishing, he will score. Man, how amazing his finishing is, Pele 98 with any finishing CS isn’t as good as him, Messi isn’t as good as him, no one can beat his finishing. His freaking goals per games shows this, the ONLY time you miss is red timed finishing, which sometimes goes in, but rarely.

Corners are his thing, you won’t miss them unless you do a short pass, so don’t do them. Free Kicks never miss too.



97 is fantastic, and also just add a CS with a bit of pace and it becomes 99, so you basically have 99 Pace so it is perfect, also his strength really helps so he does not get pushed off the ball by, VIRGIL VAN DIJK TOTY, so that helps. Man, he quick feels quicker than 97 Mbappe which a chem style on him.



95, really good, he gets assists when I don’t need them because of how many goals he already scored. It isn’t perfect, he does mess up, but still, if I used him as a CAM he would have like 10 assists in 5 games, which is great.



Man he strong, he is really strong, 99 Jumping, 99 Stamina (Runs for the full 120 with a lot of stamina remaining), 95 strength, and unfortunately, 75 aggression, he has an ego but he can be nice in the pitch (not really because he scores like hat tricks every game so opponents cry). Dude, he is so good.



5 Star Skill is perfect, just perfect, and his stats are amazing too 95 Dribbling, 99 Composure, 94 Agility, 99 Reactions, 99 Ball Control, Balance is low but he stays up most of the time. He is a great dribbler, not like Messi though, or Maradona, or Neymar, and sometimes Mbappe, and even Pele, but that's it, he has great Dribbling.


Defending but he a striker, makes interceptions.


Formation: 5221
Position: ST
Games: 80
GPG: 1.30
APG: 0.55
Pace (10/10)
Shooting (10/10)
Passing (10/10)
Dribbling (10/10)
Defending (5/10)
Physicality (10/10)
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