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Daniel Wass - 84 - FUTmas SBC
Futmas Wass
By mdlibrandi, 01-02-2019

Extremely solid for an 84 rated card. He is a true all around midfielder. I play him next to another midfielder who typically sits like a CDM (Saul or Casemiro) and Wass is responsible for bringing the ball up and joining my front three in the attack. I currently have a shadow on him, which I like a lot, however he was also very good with an engine on him as well.

Pace: With a shadow on him he seems scary fast. It brings him up to 89 pace which is elite for a midfielder. Even his base 77 pace is very good.

Shooting: Surprisingly good shooter, although he only has 77 finishing. His 90 shot power really shows. His long shots are decent, but not elite most of his goals for me have been in the box or just on the edge. 29 goals in 151 games is a very solid return for someone I don't expect to/need to provide goals.

Passing: 86 Short passing is plenty for me to play the quick short passes I like to play for quick buildups/counterattacks. Because I play with wingbacks, I often like to get Wass the ball in the middle of the field so he can spray long passes out to the wingbacks pushing up the field; 80 long passing does not accurately represent him as he is much better. 87 free kick accuracy is very nice too, particularly for swinging in corners.

Dribbling: I'm not a huge dribbler, as I prefer to play quick passes, but Wass does seem very smooth on the ball. The combination of solid enough dribbling stats and elite pace make it relatively easy to carry the ball with him.

Defending: Seems to always be in the right place at the right time. With a shadow he has 87 interceptions, so he's able to pick out a few passes a game. 81 stand tackling is pretty decent, as is 85 slide tackling, however because I play him next to a more defensively minded midfielder and I give him instructions to make runs into the boxes, he is more often intercepting the ball than making tackles. Also, because he gets to high up the field, these interceptions often happen in the attacking third which leads to very quick counters.

Physical: I have never had a problem with his stamina, as 92 is plenty to last 90 minutes, and extra time if necessary. His 71 strength seems as though it is closer to 80; I was quite surprised. Ideally his aggression would be a bit higher, but it is not a major drawback.

Overall, he is just a great player, capable of playing basically anywhere if needed. Because Futmas has long passed, many people likely missed out on the card, however if he gets an inform it would probably be very similar to this card.


Passing/dead ball plays



Not really a terrible stat on the card

Capable of playing basically any role/position

Although all the stats on the card are decent, very few of them can be considered elite

Untradeable/can't get anymore

Formation: 5212
Position: CM
Games: 151
GPG: 0.19
APG: 0.34
Pace (10/10)
Shooting (7/10)
Passing (9/10)
Dribbling (8/10)
Defending (10/10)
Physicality (8/10)
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This guy is the best player you can get for less than 5k. You can get him for less than 3k if you get lucky, and boy is he good. I had upgraded Wass to Rakitic just a few days ago but the 87 rated Rakitic was nothing compared to Wass. I had to sell him to keep Wass in the team and I don't think anyone but Modric can replace him. You have to buy him for your team, he will always be available for a short pass in your midfield...
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