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Milan Škriniar - 88 - SBC
SBC Skriniar
By mdlibrandi, 03-02-2019

I had previously played with Skriniar's regular card, and felt that he was solid, but was not going to spend the time/effort/coins to do all the Serie A SBCs, but I am glad I did. Even though this card is only a +2 overall upgrade, it feels like a crazy improvement.

Pace: With an anchor, the pace gets to be relatively decent, but isn't really one of his strengths. I use him in a 5 at the back, in the central role, with Manolas and Benatia on either side and have these two do more of the sprinting for him, but his pace is not a liability even in a 4 at the back formation.

Shooting: Even after playing more than 150 games with him I don't know if I've ever even taken a shot with him. He is very disciplined and stays back, so he never really has the opportunity (except for corners).

Passing: Because Manolas and Benatia aren't great passes as his CB partners, Skriniar does the bulk of the passing out the back and is superb. Good at playing quick passes into the midfield, and even better at playing long diagonals to my wingbacks. If I'm struggling and looking for a change, at times I move him to CDM where he performs admirably.

Dribbling: Similar to his passing, his CB partners aren't great on the ball so I rely on Skriniar for that, and he feels great with the ball at his feet for a big guy. Sometimes I use him to take the ball up the sideline like a fullback would, and he just bullies anyone who even tries to take the ball off of him. Ball control is also very good, often chesting down balls that he intercepts, it drops right to his feet where he can then play a quick pass.

Defending: By far the best pure defender I have used. He seemingly never misses a tackle. He tracks every single run. He intercepts balls regularly. In the middle of the 3 CBs, he often has the most defensive work to do, and shoulders most of the load. He typically has more tackles/interceptions than the other two CBs combined. He is always in the right position, and if you give him instructions for aggressive interceptions, you'll find his impact is even greater. His heading is very good, particularly when attacking corners trying to score. It's not as great as someone like Godin, but still very solid.

Physical: At first glance, his physicality looks fairly average, but it's quite decieving. The aggression is astounding, as he is always making physical challenges and making whatever plays that need to be made. With an anchor, he has 90 strength, which is more than enough I find, but I normally play a really strong guy like Koulibaly or Benatia next to him to make sure there is a total rock at the back. 89 jumping is pretty standard I think. He gets to a lot of balls attacking corners, and because he's the middle CB, most crosses are cut out by the time it gets to him anyway, but if any sneak through, he normally wins it.

As a whole, the card looks a little deceiving, as he doesn't really have elite pace or physicality, but in game it plays as a nice combination of the two. I would suggest choosing his partner(s) carefully so that they compliment Skriniar (for instance, if you find him slow put a speedster next to him, if hes weak, put a huge guy). If you were to go strictly by defending, he is easily one of the best in the game. I find him to be excellent on the ball, both dribbling and passing, providing a composed presence in the back line. Although its relatively expensive to get him, I think the investment was worth it. With his new Headliners card, I think that would be a good way to test him out, and maybe you could just stick with that card instead of doing all the SBCs. Although these two cards look similar, I would prefer this version's slightly better passing/dribbling stats over the small physical boost on the Headliners version.

Defending, Defending, Defending

Pace/Physical Combination

Very Solid on Ball

Links to Handanovic and/or Vrsaljko

Tedious/Expensive (plus now there's the option of the Headliners version)


Neither pace or physicality are elite like you would ideally want in a CB (but the combination of average in both is nice)

Formation: 5212
Position: CB
Games: 152
GPG: 0.05
APG: 0.01
Pace (7/10)
Shooting (6/10)
Passing (8/10)
Dribbling (8/10)
Defending (10/10)
Physicality (8/10)
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