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Kevin De Bruyne - 97 - TOTY
AMAZING Toty Kevin De Bruyne
By chapoy, 05-02-2019

TOTY Kevin De Bruyne raised the level of my team in an impressive way. He can play the position of CAM, CF ... even ST. I am a regular gold player in FUT Champions ... But with TOTY KDB I reached Elite 3 in its first WL.

  • 99 vision and 99 Crossing (using engine) he puts de ball just right on any players head... even someone with avg heading scores because KDB makes it easier for him to execute.
  • He is a game changer, I reach Elite 3 beacuse of him, great passing, great reactions, amazing shooting.
  • He has aggressiveness and defensive stats enough to steal balls and start against.
  • With motor rises its balance in +10, can withstand physical pressures and continue with the ball in the feet.

49 goals in 33 matches ... thats so sweet.

It is really worth a lot to get a TOTY player ... they are machines that are everywhere and doing everything. Trust me TOTY > Icon (even Pele prime)

  1. Passing (99 vision, 99 short passing, 97 long passing)
  2. Crossing (99 vision, 99 crossing) was never easier
  3. Longshot & power shot
  4. 99 Stamina. He plays all the match
  5. 99 Reaction
  6. Physical
  7. 97 Composure
  8. Pace (compared with the NIF version is a lot) he was able to defeat Prime Ferdinand in a race for a long pass ball
  1. Maybe ... links
  2. Jumping (sometimes)
  3. Agility and Balance (when not using engine)
Formation: 4231
Position: CAM
Games: 33
GPG: 1.48
APG: 0.58
Pace (9/10)
Shooting (10/10)
Passing (10/10)
Dribbling (9/10)
Defending (8/10)
Physicality (10/10)
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So picked up KDB cuz i needed a cam with good passing shooting stats i use 4231 and 41212 and this man is rule the field. He can score from any angles he can assist from anywhere 2 footed etc. Finesse? no problem Screamer? no problem Finishing? no problem Amazing Assist? no problem. I have no words srsly guys. This guy is amazing. Highly recommended!
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The Belgium God!

So about Kevin de Bruyne, he's literally insane! I used him only in 11 division rivals matches (Division 5 1450 skillpoints) He has scored 12 goals so far. His shooting is way better than anyone else's. Every time you give a pass with him it reaches the player. You can give long passes, short passes you can do everything with this card! Ofcourse he is 500K to complete (when I did it, it is like 570K now) but in my opinion i...
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B B Beast

I originally thought that KDB had a overpriced card with glorified stats, just because he was a cover star, but after I packed him through gold upgrade I thought that I would try his card out. De Bruyne is magic. Love using this man. Has the best passing in the game, the best finesse shots in the game , and, although he has a high defensive work rate, a great amount of stamina full the full 90 minutes. I start off in a 4...
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