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Fabinho - 85 - Normal
Absolute TANK! (better than Fernandinho)
By twagz, 06-02-2019

I initially owned my first Fabinho card when I packed him back in October as a newbie to FUT and as my team was understandably shocking, I sold him immediately for a nice profit of 75,000. Even then I knew he was a beast, but I needed the money, and had to make the tough decision. Fast forward to a few days ago, making a Brazilian/German/Bundesliga hybrid squad I needed a CDM to link with my Sane card and it was down to Fernandinho or Fabinho. After reading the Fernandinho reviews and people raving at how much better he was than Fab I bought him for a cheap 22,000 and boy was I disappointed. He had an immediate negative impact in my team and I felt I had a gaping hole in my midfield as he was nowhere to be seen in the game. Not present for interceptions or duels I quickly realised he wouldn’t work for me. Enter Fabinho, the 2nd coming. From the first 20mins in-game time Fabinho had racked himself up an impressive 4 interceptions and maybe it could be said I was playing against a bad opponent but something about him just felt…different. He was a bully and a tank in the middle, with impressive pace and stamina to keep up with quick passing opponents, not to mention a good physical presence in both defending and attacking in corners. Without a question he was better for me and Fernandinho and I do understand it is subjective dependent on how they are played and which tactics are applied, I feel I had to do little in the way of tactics or instructions to make Fabinho my 2nd best player in an already okay team. He works great for me as a CDM and I will definitely be upgrading to his IF!

  1. Stamina
  2. Strength/Aggression
  3. Height (especially for goal kicks and corners)
  4. Speed, didn't feel slow and clunky at all (like he is often described)
  5. Intercepts almost anything within a few feet of him, and actually makes the effort to, where most players would just watch the ball go past
  6. Shooting isn't terrible, but I wouldn't rely on him heavily to score worldies left right and centre
  7. Since he's gone down to 25,000 (as at 06.02.19) he is GREAT value for money!
  1. Weak Foot (if this kind of thing throws you off)
  2. Not as technical as other alternatives (if thats what you look for in a CDM)
  3. No other cons, if you need a strong defensive midfielder, he's your man.
Formation: 433-3
Position: CDM
Games: 4
GPG: 0.00
APG: 0.00
Pace (6/10)
Shooting (6/10)
Passing (6/10)
Dribbling (7/10)
Defending (9/10)
Physicality (8/10)
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This card is amazing. He is one of the best CDMs in the game. His height, defensive work and stamina make this a great card. Pick him up and you wont regret it, he will dictate the middlefield and he can pass the ball really good too. Med/Med works rates are fine, his speed is just fine and he does well on and off the ball. His interceptions in game are definitely more than 84. Also with 91 penalties, you are picking up a ...
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Fabinho CB is a total bully against attacklers, his phisicality in the ground is at the same level of Van Dijk (his jumping is the only problem). I have tried Varane and Davinson Sanchez (untradable UCL card) alongside Van Dijk SIF (FUT Champions rewards), but none of them convince me, so i try Fabinho CB and the result was beatiful, however, he is not for everybody, if you decide to use him you need to be aware that
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