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Alban Lafont - 90 - FUT Future Stars
90 Lafont
By mdlibrandi, 07-02-2019

I came to check his price out of curiosity, as I had packed him (untradeable), and was surprised to see the negative reviews of him, so I figured I should probably write my own because I have nothing but positive experiences with him at the back. When I packed him, I sold my 89 Handanovic, and I haven't looked back because he has outperformed him.

Diving: Does really well to get down for shots that look like they're going into the bottom corner. He's not quite as good at leaping for the top corners, but still makes plenty of saves that I wouldn't expect of him. It seems like a good amount of the goals I concede hit the post and go in, meaning he's getting beat by quality shots that likely no keeper would save.

Handling: Have never had any problems with his handling. With the basic chemistry style its 99 rated, so you can't really ask for much more (although Oblak somehow is on another level it seems like). Catches all the easy shots without worry, and makes plenty of difficult diving catches as well. Parries the ball well, getting it out of the middle of the box or out for a corner so you don't concede rebound shots. Others have complained he seemingly lets shots go right through him, but I have never had this happen to me; anything hit right at him he normally catches or occasionally parries upwards and then jumps to catch it. Punches quite a bit too (although not like Oblak), particularly from corners where he likes to go for the ball.

Kicking: I don't kick all that often with the keeper, so I don't put a huge emphasis here when choosing a keeper, however Lafont's kicking is a nice bonus. Gets the ball up to Belotti, Zapata, and or Vrsaljko out wide and they normally win the headers to start the attack. Plays nice balls out wide to my wingbacks out wide down the field. Short passing is nice too, so I never fear playing the ball back to him because he will either find a pass to one of the defenders, or play the ball up the lines for one of the wingbacks making a sprint up frield.

Reflexes: 99 reflexes, so again, can't ask for any more. Makes nice saves from short distance, particularly down low. On the rare occasions he parries the ball into a semi-dangerous angle, he is normally up very quickly and able to make a second save to prevent the cheap goal.

Speed: Great speed. Up there with the best without a doubt, especially when you consider he has the trait that makes him rush out of goal. If you like using the keeper on 1 on 1s, you'll probably like him because he moves off his line very quick. The only critique, which would be perhaps a positioning issue, is that he seems to stay pretty close to his line, so he has further to run to close down the ball, but he's so quick it evens out to the point it's still a strength for him. He's able to get to long balls attackers try to play over the top, beating the oncoming attacker and clearing the ball before they get a chance to gain control for the 1 on 1.

Positioning: As previously mentioned, he tends to stay pretty close to his line which means you're not always getting the most out of his speed. He always seems to be at the correct angle so he can get to shots in a way where he can make a save and catch the ball or push it well out of danger. Some keepers I've used (Casillas) get beaten on their near post often, but that has never really been a problem for me with Lafont.

Overall, I'm glad I have Lafont in goal, because he is one of the better keepers I have used. I'm not sure if he's won me games other keepers couldn't, but in more than 70 games, I don't think I can blame a single loss solely on him. He's pretty comparable to 89 Handanovic, but Lafont's speed I think is the biggest difference although I'd also argue he has better handling and kicking (not that I care that much about it). He's 6'4" which is pretty good for a keeper, not elite like Courtois (6'6") or average like Oblak (6'2'). I'm a little surprised to see his price so high (162,000 while I'm writing this). That's more than I'd normally be willing to spend on a keeper, but because he's untradeable for me and I find somewhat better than 89 Handanovic, I felt comfortbale rolling with Lafont as my keeper. If I bought him though, I may reconsider. I am not sure that he is worth almost 60,000 more than 89 Handanovic (109,000 while I'm writing this). If you have coins you're dying to spend, go with Lafont, but if you use 89 Handanovic now, I don't think I would bother changing keepers because its a small upgrade for the price, and it may be strange adapting to a keeper so aggressive at rushing out like Lafont.


Diving low

Reflexes and double saves

Kicking (even though I don't kick often, it's noticeably good when I do).

Strong links are basically nonexistent in Serie A as far as top quality goes

Very expensive for a modest improvement on other options (namely 89 Handanovic)

Formation: 5212
Position: GK
Games: 72
GPG: 0.00
APG: 0.00
Pace (9/10)
Shooting (10/10)
Passing (10/10)
Dribbling (10/10)
Defending (10/10)
Physicality (9/10)
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