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    Falcao - 89 - Europa SBC
    By joerobson14, 23-02-2019

    Early, I know but this may be the greatest value sbc EA have ever released. For 50k you have one of the best strikers and it can be made even cheaper if you already have an inform in your club which I didn't. Mainly being employed as a super sub, falcao saved my arse so many times across this weekend.

    His heading is genuinely ridiculous. 99 jumping and 96 heading makes him an ideal target man when you're chasing a game.

    Surprisingly his dribbling is mental considering he's usually a target man.

    Pace, this can be fixed using a hunter but still at 85 pace compared to other high tier strikers he is very slow.

    Defending but no one cares about that

    Formation: 433-4
    Position: ST
    Games: 10
    GPG: 1.10
    APG: 0.20
    Pace (7/10)
    Shooting (10/10)
    Passing (7/10)
    Dribbling (9/10)
    Defending (4/10)
    Physicality (8/10)
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