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86 - SIF
By rick8188, 28-02-2019

Let's just start by saying that this card is a steal for the 70k he is right now. Anyway, I packed this guy in my red player picks from finishing 14-4 in the weekend league and before I saw that he got an inform card the Wednesday before I wanted to try his 88 Future Star card who's price is around 270k atm, I now won't need that card. This card is identical to his FFS card in shooting, physical, passing and dribbling with the FFS card having 3 more pace and a tiny bit more defending/heading accuracy, I'm not lying, check it yourself :)

Let's get into the review by stats.

Pace: Pace on this card isn't an issue at all. With Luka being 6'0", 83 acceleration and 86 sprint speed is well enough if you ofc don't put a Hunter (goes up to 93 acceleration and 96 sprint speed) or Engine (goes up to 88 acceleration and 91 sprint speed) chemistry style on him. His acceleration with his 87 agility combined makes him well quick off the mark and when he has reached his maximum speed, he will get away from the meta center backs with ease.

Shooting: This is the best attribute to the card, this man's shooting is exceptional. 91 finishing and 96 on a hunter makes this guy finish every shot he takes with help from his fantastic newly upgraded 5 star weak foot and positioning which is fantastic, he literally gets to the ball from every pass he receives and is barely ever offside. My card has 5 games played and 14 goals scored in div 4 rivals scoring essentially every shot he's had. Long shots isn't an issue either with 84 even tho it seems low, his 95 shot power makes it up. His penalty stat isn't great but it feels like way more and you usually score them anyway.

Dribbling: When you hear the name Luka Jovic, you don't think about his dribbling instantly. But Jovic's dribbling is fantastic. 87 agility for someone who is 6'0" tall is great and if you decide to put an engine chemistry style on him (which I'm using on him), he gets 92 agility and 86 balance with 92 ball control and 97 dribbling adding onto it. These dribbling stats for a relatively tall striker is exceptionally good. Only low side of the dribbling section would be his 82 composure, which isn't bad at all but could always be better. If you feel like boosting that, slap a sniper chemistry style on him to get it to 87 and his 3 star skill moves.

Defending: He is a ST, what would you have expected, he's obviously not got great defensive stats. In this section of stats he has a huge 94 heading accuracy, meaning he will score almost every single header he gets if he doesn't get out jumped by someone. This guy is great in the air and when he gets the chance to head the ball into the net he will do it for you.

Passing: Luka's passing isn't anything special whatsoever. He's got good crossing in at 84 with an engine chemistry style which is good for the current meta of the game. Vision and short passing in at 86 and 88 with the engine chem style will do the job for 1-2's in the attack and 85 curve upon that. Long passing in at 77 isn't fantastic but Jovic is known for receiving passes, not making them. If you're considering using him at CAM, don't, he is a much much better ST.

Physical: This is also one of Jovic's best attributes. This guy is strong proven by his 86 strength and he's fantastic in the air, even tho he's got 78 jumping which can be boosted with a hawk or a marksman chem style he'll still win most headers against meta defenders. Stamina in at 82 is usable for sure. If you go into extra time in a game you might wanna sub him off but he can play the full 90 minutes that's for sure so don't worry about that.

So if you're planning on getting his Future Star card, don't, save yourself 200k by getting his new inform unless you want the cooler card design and tiny bit more pace and go upgrade your squad elsewhere instead. Best chem style for Jovic I'd say is engine, to boost that pace a little more, balance +10 and some more passing in attacking situations. Hunter/marksman/hawk and sniper chem styles are good options too if you feel like he needs some other stats boosted to fit your play style. Similar players I've used to Jovic is 91 inform Lewandowski and Shevchenko prime card and he is for me better than both, genuinely. DEFINITELY recommend him, especially since he's so affordable for most people in at 70k.



Shot power

Agility for being kinda tall



CHEAP (!!)

Good links to good Bundesliga cards

3 star skill moves

Less cooler card design to his FFS card

Balance (sometimes, can be fixed with an engine chem style)

Formation: 4231
Position: ST
Games: 5
GPG: 2.80
APG: 0.60
Pace (8/10)
Shooting (10/10)
Passing (7/10)
Dribbling (9/10)
Defending (4/10)
Physicality (8/10)
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