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Do you want fries with that Bergka
By rodog10, 06-03-2019

The only FUT player that has forced me to do a review…. ever!

If you can get this card for around 2.1mil you are laughing!

With how messed up the game mechanics are this year, it was this guy alone who has got me playing FUT again.

Scored the winning goal in 4… yes 4 of my last 7 FUT champs games to clutch Gold 1 with a couple games spare. Most insane long shot volleys i've seen and just breezes around the pitch like he owns the place, even if he doesn't do anything all game with 99 composure it is almost certain he will contribute an assist or a goal before final whistle.

I found you wanna play him at CAM or CF behind a guy with good jumping in order to fully utilise him e.g Ronaldo, Torres, Perisic live….even that freak Ben Yedder live.

  • On Squad battles (Legendary or ultimate) he got me around 3 goal contribution per game.
  • On Div rivals (2) and fut champs he got me around 2 goal contribution per game.

  • Shooting (flawless)
  • Heading (better than expected)
  • Volleys (flick once to bring the ball up on first touch who with skills move etc, then again for space, then shoot, no jk will be a goal about 60% of the time if you manage to pull it off)
  • Touch (the ball in the box will glitch to him just hold LT to shield and blast top bins)
  • Reflexes and Reactions (scored two rebounds when wasn't even controlling him)
  • Killer final pass to open up defences
  • Arrogance- literally wanders around the pitch effortlessly (watching his intelligence in game highlights the issue of pay to win this year)
  • Maybe Stamina if you play 2 games without applying a fitness card
  • Price
Formation: 4231
Position: CAM
Games: 31
GPG: 2.03
APG: 0.32
Pace (9/10)
Shooting (10/10)
Passing (9/10)
Dribbling (9/10)
Defending (5/10)
Physicality (8/10)
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I completed his sbc as i was looking for a new player to play my central cam position in my 4231 formation. He has been worth every penny i put into his sbc (around 800k), he scores nearly every realistic shot i take with him. His shooting is so good on the edge of the box it is a waste bothering to time any finishes he easily puts away non timed power shots. He is a much better Cam than striker in my opinion ...
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Where do I start... I loved Bergkamps 90 version in Fifa 18, but I didn't like his 90 version in Fifa 19. When his SBC came out I looked at his stats and checked the price and I did for 750k (had the baby rivaldo from the baby icon sbc and I didn't like him at all). I play Bergkamp as a middle cam or as a striker in a 4231 and he's killing it for me. His shot is amazing, the finishing is superb and his long shots a dream. H...
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