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    Marco Reus - 92 - Headliners
    Icon Status: Best Player for Bundesliga
    By DowJonesMahomes, 13-03-2019

    For starters, im a division 2 player who routinely competes in WL. I have a bundesliga squad but needed a cam to go along with havertz and was skpetical about dropping the cash on reus. But for some reason the price of this card tanked and a I couldnt resist. I put reus at the central cam role along with Jovic and Havertz as the other two. This card blew me away. If you ever play FUT Draft and use an icon or TOTY Ronaldo, you notice they are a step above and that exactly what Reus is. When defenders try to take the ball he does this little flicks to get passed and on 50/50 tackles the ball just seems to end up back at his feet. Hes even a great header of the ball against the best full backs in the game and actually burns Van Dijk and Ramos. Im also not the best at free kicks but every FK i do seems to be placed perfectly to force a crazy OP De Gea save or goal. I would say his nemesis is a CB with +83 pace/agility with 87ish+ defending. The tanks like Van dijk are no match but Kimpembe was able to hold his own. That is the kinda of player he his. Perhaps HIS BEST ATTRIBUTE isnt even a stat, I notice that my opponents double or even triple team him and leave rebic or Jovic wide open giving them space for easy goals and this is more important than the amount of goals he scores. You will win more with reus. Simple.


    Long Shots (yes, even against De gea)

    Dribbling in tight situations

    Headers against full backs




    Solid investment

    FK /Pk

    MAYBE Stamina? (he had around 20% left in the 114' minute)

    Defense(I like to press and since he has a low work rate I often find him leaving the RB open for back passes)

    Formation: 4231
    Position: CAM
    Games: 30
    GPG: 0.90
    APG: 0.83
    Pace (10/10)
    Shooting (10/10)
    Passing (10/10)
    Dribbling (10/10)
    Defending (2/10)
    Physicality (6/10)
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