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Benjamin Mendy - 87 - Carniball SBC
By Avlo795, 17-03-2019

When the SBC came out it wasn't really a surprise as I expected them to release a Mendy special card at some point this, therefore I did the SBC without really looking at the stats. After I had completed the SBC and before I had used card in game I became very skeptical as to whether is was a worthwhile investment, due to the fact I utilized the compare feature here on Futbin to see how his stats matched up with other full backs. I compared him with Telles UCL Live, Tagliafico UCL Live and Ferland Mendy. It became clear that the only real advantage he had was strength and was perhaps not as good value for money as I anticipated, even though he is premier leagues I have moments Petite and Cannavaro, meaning league didn't matter.

Having said this I went into games with him the next day and was more than happy with the player. He is very strong, which is great as he can run into midfield or down the line and shrug of anyone who comes to tackle him. Furthermore his defensive positioning is exceptional, he blocks an unreal amount of shots which saves so many goals as keepers are very poor this year. He is also great in the tackle as he will often just easy players of the ball. An aspect I was very excited to test of this card was the passing and crossing. I haven't been let down here as his long passing is amazing and so are his crossing, I have KDB in my team and his cross field balls are as accurate as his. However as my strikers are short I haven't been able to use crossing as much as I would like, but going of his song passing I can almost guarantee they would be pinpoint accurate.

Onto the slightly less positive stats now but not really negative. His speed is great but when going forward he can sometimes take a while to get his engine started, having said this going backwards my goal he felt very quick. Jumping was a stat I noticed was very low however it never really felt like an issue as every header he wins due to his strength, the only player that would maybe cause his trouble is Bale but then due to the fact Bale is taller, it means Mendy's lack of acceleration versus most wingers isn't a problem. I haven't really tried to shot with him yet and he stays back for corners which is ideal so I cannot make a comment on whether his shooting is good but having watched him on TV when he isn't injured I would guess not.

My overall opinion on Mendy is that he is worthwhile doing and is extremely solid, probably saving a gaol every two games to his blocking alone. However as he is an SBC and probably gone by the time this is being read, don't worry too much as player like Ferland Mendy, Telles, Sandro and Robertson appear just as good and some even better in their stats.

Pace- Rarely beaten for pace

Strength- Strongest LB in the game

Passing and Crossing- Short passing and through balls as good long passing is the best I have seen from a full-back.

Defending- Smartest fullback I have used in terms of positioning and his tackling is very nice as well.

Fitness- Great stamina for such a strong and quick player.

Acceleration- Not sluggish but going forward he won't skip past players.

Jumping- Not really a problem but wouldn't like him versus a tall winger back post.

Untradeable- Only a problem if you struggle for coins but this year isn't really a problem.

Formation: 41212-2
Position: LB
Games: 16
GPG: 0.00
APG: 0.19
Pace (8/10)
Shooting (4/10)
Passing (9/10)
Dribbling (6/10)
Defending (9/10)
Physicality (10/10)
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