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By Johndenim, 17-03-2019

Hello there and welcome to my first review on futbin. I just had to do one for this guy, he has been absolutely incredible for me and is so much fun to play in every game! I play Zola as a ST with Deadeye to push his passing and shooting.

Let's start!

Pace 9/10: He is very quick and his acceleration is amazing. He is no mbappe, but I don't even use a chem for speed since he is quick enough for me and has the "tries to beat the defensive line trait", which allows him to outpace most defenders as they have to turn to catch up to him.

Shooting 9/10: He has amazing shots in his skillset! He is always good for a goal, really good in 1v1 as his composure is really high with 85. Low driven or finesse shots both work really well. Sometimes, he has little inconsistencies from very difficult positions.

Passing 10/10: THIS GUY! I do play him as a striker but boy, he does pull the strings in my attacking game. He just plays perfect short passes and combined with his dribbling, most defenders cannot cope with him. Quick and deadly passes.

Dribbling 10/10: I think that the whole package makes Zola Baby so strong, but his dribbling might give this card the edge. He is amazing on the ball. SO agile and the ball is so close to his feet that defenders most of the time are just not fast enough to get the ball. Very smooth to do tricks with, since he is so small, I can just rush through opponents with him.

Defending: n/a

Physicality: He is small and kinda easy to tackle (obviously), but as his dribbling is so high, it is actually hard to get him off the ball. Stamina is fine for me, he can play 90 minutes through. I think that I didn't score headers with him.

OVERALL: Amazing value for money, a lot fun to play and a gamechanger for me. I think he is really useful as a ST; his middle or prime are better as CAM. For that amount of coins, you cannot do anything wrong. Enjoy him and Score!

PS: I played him in Division 4 mostly, just got to DIV 3 with him.

  • Fast
  • Good shooting with both feet, especially finesse and low driven
  • DRIBBLING!!! The best, he owns the ball and is very hard to push off the ball
  • Good passing, he assists nearly as much as he scores (and that as a ST)
  • Heading maybe
Formation: 41212-2
Position: ST
Games: 60
GPG: 0.67
APG: 0.47
Pace (9/10)
Shooting (9/10)
Passing (10/10)
Dribbling (10/10)
Defending (5/10)
Physicality (6/10)
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