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Timo Werner - 91 - FUT Birthday SBC
By Gvnrssll, 23-03-2019

FUT Birthday is upon us and Timo Werner has become the first SBC player of the promo. I used his headliners card earlier in the year when he became 89 and was not fully impressed with the card. The passing boost due to his RW position change makes him look so much better for a hold up 1-2 pass then run on the the ball player. I ran him in a 4-1-2-1-2 (2) next to Prime Butragueno and POTM hazard at CAM for an all around deadly attack. His positioning is absolutely fantastic. He is always in the right position and is always eager to make a run behind the defensive line. It goes without saying that Werner is a very fast ST but this card feels absolutely rapid. His combination of speed and runs that he makes puts him in front of goal for many chances and he never lets you down. His finishing and shot power combo is phenomenal and allows you to score some perfectly placed shots past any GK. He is also pretty strong on the ball which allows him to not be pushed off the ball easily or be able to hold up play for an attack even though his strength stat would not make you think so. He wins a lot of headers as well and is very good in the now cross heavy meta. Overall I was very impressed with what I have seen and I am very happy with what Werner has shown me so far this weekend.

Pace: Doesn't get much better than 98 pace with this card, even at a taller height he does not feel clunky like some of the other taller ST's in FIFA 19

Shooting: finishing is some of the best i have used all year and his positioning allows him to show off his ability, Heading is very good for this card also

Passing: his short passing gives you an option for build-up to the ST or link up play for a through ball past the defensive line

Physicality: He feels like a very strong player and can hold his own on most occasions, Stamina is fantastic and will last all 120 minutes if needed

Dribbling: Has very good control of the ball and is able to do most close touch dribbling to weave around defenders

Links: Very good card to link into German nation players or for Bundesliga squads in general

Skills: 3 star skills is not ideal but I personally did not need it as he ran past pretty much every defender

Price: over 400k for this card so early in the promo seems very looming for most people especially those who would have preferred him at ST. This wasn't an issue for me as I could change him from RW to ST in game.

Aggression: sometimes doesn't stick in for interceptions from defenders that other strikers do. Rarely will poach the ball from a missed pass or on a tackle.

Formation: 41212-2
Position: ST
Games: 20
GPG: 1.60
APG: 0.35
Pace (10/10)
Shooting (10/10)
Passing (9/10)
Dribbling (9/10)
Defending (4/10)
Physicality (8/10)
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