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    Cristian Pavón - 85 - SBC
    best league sbc
    By Verp19, 24-03-2019

    This guy is insane. I have used him on ram in 4231 and linked with tevez flashback sbc. All his stats are insane for winger or attacking mid. i have also used him at the striker but it was not as good as i expected. You can use him like a sub or in the starting 11 with stamina 98. He is very short and because of that he's dribbling and pace becomes more insane. Also i have Lucas Moura potm, but christian is better than him in most stats like passing and i think dribbling but lucas dribbles amazing to. also this card is not perfect, the main minus are skills, wf 3 stars, not really good defending help and bad heading accuracy. Also it is not hard at all to link him because of his popular nation, and if you've done flashback tevez or abs zarate he doesn't need no more links and you can make amazing hybrid without icons. If you want to use him at the wing use deadeye(passing and shooting booster) and if you want him as a cam, cf or even cm use maestro(shooting passing and dribbling) if you want use him as a striker please DON'T DO IT HE HAS 77 FINISHING(if you really want it use sniper or finisher)

    +insane pace

    +SATMINA 98





    -3* WF AND SM


    Formation: 433
    Position: RW
    Games: 200
    GPG: 0.13
    APG: 0.15
    Pace (10/10)
    Shooting (9/10)
    Passing (9/10)
    Dribbling (10/10)
    Defending (5/10)
    Physicality (9/10)
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    He is just perfect his 3* duo may piss u off at times but trust me with a sniper his skill moves isn't even needed especially since he is a "dribbler", the 3 star weak foot isn't really that bad coz positions where you want him to use his weaker foot his uses is strong on and still scores
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