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Robert Lewandowski - 93 - SIF
Robert Lewandowski - Banger of Goals
By ctman770, 25-03-2019

I don't get it with all of the meta players why people love Timo Werner so much when Robert Lewandowski bangs in at least one goal per game for me. Rocket shots, Finesse shots, Long shots, he is the most complete striker I have played with in FIFA and it boggles me how affordable he is. I play him upfront flanked by SBC Gnabry or FS Davies on the LM, Any Reus as CAM, and Pulisic or Sancho on the RM in a 4-2-3-1 formation with POTM Goretzka and SBC Delaney backing them up. This team is unstoppable and relatively affordable. I regularly beat ICON and Ronaldo teams in Div 5 using this setup and Robert is a big reason why. He is always in the right place, and ready to bang a goal.

He is a great back to the goal target man, as well as can make a key run and muscle off a defender (L2/LT) before unleashing a top corner rocket (Timed shot no finesse) to beat the keeper. He does this so many times for me. He is also great at turning with the ball to unleash a timed finesse. But he is surprisingly agile enough to turn and shoot compared to other bigger strikers. He is good enough to make a key pass in the box or to release Reus on a through pass, but don't go for long passes for him.

My only gripe is that sometimes, despite his 92 composure, he loses his dribble when being challenged by a defender, and I feel like sometimes FIFA nerfs him game to game when he's scored too many in the previous game (this is real...look it up). He holds my squad's record for most goals in one game (7) in a Division Rivals match.

Now I used both his IF 91 card, his TOTGS 92 as well as his 93 card and I'll say they are very similar. Only minor differences, so if you can't afford, go with 91.

I'm going to say he's better than most ICON strikers out there, so save your coin and go for this underrated beast!

  • Shots shot shots = Goals goals goals
  • Great target man -> back to goal, turn and shoot, make a key run, banging all kinds of shots
  • Affordable Cost at 100-200k

  • Speed, Composure can let him down. Sometimes long passes are intercepted.
  • Stamina -> will last 90 minutes, but not deep into extra time
  • Nerfed every few games or so by PGP gods (aka EA)
Formation: 4231-2
Position: ST
Games: 120
GPG: 1.13
APG: 0.48
Pace (7/10)
Shooting (10/10)
Passing (7/10)
Dribbling (7/10)
Defending (5/10)
Physicality (8/10)
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Hello guys, as a fc bayern fan i firstly buy this man and i can say he is amazing. His pace is ok, he isn't slow, but you can't very easily run away from opponents. His shooting is perfect, inside the box, outside the box - this isn't matter. But i wanna get more curve. His passing is OK, you can give assists easily. His physics is perfect, don't look at his stamina, he run all 90 mins perfect. And we turn to its main advan...
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BOI - Got this card from fut champs rewards. Used him in 29 games of WL (Managed 17-12) This card was my leader. Fantastic.
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Robert Lewandowski is the best striker in the game right now, he's shooting is unbelievable and he just doesn't miss from anywhere inside the 18 yard box. He has great positioning and is always there to score goals at vital times. he has good passing and assists goals quite often when necessary. Great physical and can out muscle a uprising amount of center backs. 4* 4* is incredible. Just all around a great striker to use.
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