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Sergej Milinkovic-Savic - 89 - FUT Birthday Wkly Ob
How is this even free ?
By gouasmi, 04-04-2019


Fut Birthday blessed me with an OP ST in Perisic, im maintaining a ratio close to 1 goal per game (117 games, 108 goals and 30 assists) with him, BUT, the poor guy, can't possibly do it all by himself, he needs some assistance, a guy who can complete him, who can follow his lead, who can replace him in the attacking role when he's not in his game (somehow, you know... ).

It was my utmost priority to reinforce my attacking side as my trusted 86 Rashford was good, but not enough against op teams.

Well i'll be damned, second week of FBD, a legendary player has appeared, at first i said "RB ,only 84 shooting, nearly enough agility and ballance... m'okay, gonna get him anyway", dude, i was so damn stupid, i do not deserve to have a player like him, i did not show him the respect he deserves when he first came out.

I did not even need to sweat, because Perisic was too happy to finally get help.

The review

  • Chem : Deadeye
  • Role : ST.
  • Instructions : Meh, he's on "im gonna destroy my opponents" mode, he won't listen to you.

Pace 7.9/10

That +12 pace over his past cards is just great, he's not the kind of player you're gonna outrun defenders with, but he does the job, and depending on the position you're gonna play him with, especially a defensive role, there is no better chem than Shadow, and you've got yourself a fast giant, but even without a boost, he never feels slow whatsoever.

Shooting 10/10

Oh man, i was not expecting that, not until i put Deadeye on him, well...99 Positioning, 99 Finishing, 98 Shot Power, 90 Long Shots and with a 88 composure, is it even possible to miss with him ? (Spoiler : no)

Passing 10/10

apart from crossing (like why are you even gonna cross with him ? unless you really play him as an RB lol), with only 69... his passing game is on point,



cover the ball;

pass the ball;



Dribbling 8.4/10

He's not a Neymar, you should not play him as a Neymar, playhim as a tank, translation : play him as a Milinkovic-Savic.

He's quite a unique player, with a low agility and ballance (high enough for a 191 cm guy) you'de think he's gonna feel chunky ... DON'T PLAY HIM AS A NEYMAR, just keep going straight ahead, everyone is too scared to actually approach him (don't actually do it).

Defending 8.7/10

If you play him a more defensive role unlike me, i'm pretty sure you're gonna do just fine against those 99 dribbling croqueta guys, he's too big to be croqueted.

Now imagine him versus 57 trying to dribble defenders, lol.

Physical 10/10

191cm , 89 jumping, 89 stam, 92 strenght, enough said.


I was, before and after the refresh, a Division 5 Rivals player, it was too stressfull for me and i did not play the mode that much, with the addition of Perisic and SMS as my STs, i am right now a Div 3 player 4 days after getting SMS.

The most important thing about playing Fifa, or a game in general, is to try to enjoy it, and play it with your own style, not on some Youtuber or unknown person's styles.

SMS made the game enjoyable for me, i'm in love, no homo.

  • Regretting not getting Flashback Ibra ? Who's that ?
  • Corners in his FOV are pretty much goals.
  • A complete player, play him anywhere you like with the right Chem, 90+ in any position.
  • Deadly with Deadeye, as it was named so because of him.
  • 4WF, 4* is good.
  • Workrates good for offensive roles.
  • Basicaly, a free top tier mid-icon.

if i must fill this section...

  • Agility and Ballance even though i did not feel that much of a lack.
  • Not that easy to get the most of him unless you get a CB or a middfielder who can play RB. too much potential to be wasted as an RB.
  • Workrates not that suitable for defensive roles but good enough most of the time.
Formation: 4312
Position: ST
Games: 43
GPG: 0.93
APG: 0.23
Pace (8/10)
Shooting (10/10)
Passing (10/10)
Dribbling (8/10)
Defending (9/10)
Physicality (10/10)
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