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Wissam Ben Yedder - 86 - SIF
Big Ben!
By sharav92, 07-04-2019

I had a hybrid squad of french players and la liga players. I used gold Griezmann as a striker. I wasnt happy because he missed a lot of chances. I bought the second IF card of Ben Yedder. The UEL card is a lot more expensive and u basically get the same card. I played division rivals and 3 WL with Ben Yedder. And I can hands down say that this is the best striker ive used so far on FUT. He out-performed Griezmann in every aspect of the game. I have also used Kane, IF Depay, UEL Falcao, Lacazette, Carniball Inaki, Baby Icon Henry, Mertens, Immobile & IF Lukaku. Ben Yedder was miles better than these players. His stats was also insane, I played over 100 games with him and he had more goals than games played. So lets take a look at this card. This card is so underrated. And he probably is the best card out there in terms of value. His performance is worth a lot more than the price of this card. For me this card is the meta of the year. He outperforms the stats of this card. If you use marksman chemstyle on this card I can promise u he will do wonders.

This is based on marksman chemstyle:

  • Shooting: His finishing is insane. His shot power is a lot stronger than what the stats say. He can score crazy powershots and also finesse shots. Inside the box and outside the box. His longshot stats is a lie! He is so clinical in front of goal and rarely misses the chances. I used a lot of power shots across the goal, they always went top bins.
  • Jumping: He has good jumping and can win headers.
  • Speed: He is fast. U dont need to boost his pace, thats just waste. His acceleration is great. He loves a through ball behind the defenders. The ball hits the net every time.
  • Ball control: He is smooth on the ball agile, can make quick turns, is good at dribling. He easily creates space for himself with his quickness on the ball. He is a nightmare for big defenders like Van Dijk because of his silky control.
  • Passing: Something u wont notice a lot. He is not a midfielder, but can make good assists. I linked him up with Messi as a CAM; and he often sent him through on goal with good trough balls. His link up play is good.
  • Balance: He has good balance which makes up for his strength. He is not easy to push away or take down because of his balance. So u dont have to worry about his low strength.
  • Stamina: He has low stamina, but this doesnt affect him in any way. I just put him on stay in attack. He killed opponents many times in extra time.
  • All the pros above almost makes him a complete striker!

Its difficult to find any cons. He is short and is not a goat in the air. But with marksman, his jumping can make him a areal threat sometimes. If u come up against Van Dijk and Ramos in the air, he has little chance, but can win against other defenders.

There is no any other noticeable cons. He is good at all the things a striker should be great at. U cant give him a clear role a striker, he is not a poacher or a target man. He is so good at many things, he can score all types of goals. He can probably use him as a CAM as well, but then you waste his goalscoring ability.

Formation: 433-4
Position: ST
Games: 0
GPG: nan
APG: nan
Pace (9/10)
Shooting (10/10)
Passing (8/10)
Dribbling (9/10)
Defending (5/10)
Physicality (8/10)
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