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Paul Pogba - 91 - TIF
TIF Pogba
By Futbinsteve, 10-04-2019

So, i was lucky enough to get this card in a premium fut champs sbc player pick and of course i got very excited. He fit into my team nicely but i wasn't really sure where to put him. What i would say is that he works well in every midfield position but i already had prime Keane and Kante as CDMs so his defending even with a shadow isn't good enough to replace either of them at that role, so i decided to play him as a cam and cm, i did try him out as a cdm. As a cm is his best position in my opinion.


His shooting is a mixed bag, his long shots and shot power are very good, as are his volleys, which is perhaps why he is better as a deeper player. However, his finishing in the box and one to one finishing is quite poor, so if you are playing him as a cam, or even a cm, i would put a chem style on to improve it. His positioning is also very good, his high/low work rates are very noticeable as he makes very good runs in behind.


Even Pogba's third inform does feel quite sluggish, however, put a shadow, hunter or engine on him and he actually feels very fast. You can use this to your advantage as your opponents will not expect his pace to be so good.


This is the main pro of this card, his short and long passing is very good as is his crossing. Any chem style with passing will pretty much max out this category, what else is there to say.


Some people may think that because of is low agility and balance he will be crap at dribbling, however that is what you get will tall players. His dribbling is actually very good and responsive, not so much for beating players but more for easily controlling play and the ball. Add to the mix 5* skills and you've got yourself a very mobile player.


This card is the first Pogba card, for me, that has high enough defending to be used as purely a defensive player. With a shadow, his defence is 82, which is ok. Sometimes he seems to get a bit lost in defence, but if you control him well enough he can be a very effective defender. His heading accuracy is a bit weird, he hasn't scored a header yet for me and he has had many chances to, it really feels less than 78.


Another main pro of the card, there is nothing in the physical category he can't do. He is tall and his jumping is good (great for defending corners), his strength is off the charts and his stamina is excellent. His physicality is another reason that i think this card can be used defensively because there is no one he can't bully off the ball


His 4* weak foot is good, you can't tell a difference when passing but you can with shooting. Another cool thing about Pogba is his uniqueness, his penalty run up, celebrations and hair make him very different from other players which is nice to have in your team. Lastly, his ability to link with players for chemistry is very good. His High/low work rates are a double edged sword, if you are playing him deeper, this gives your attack extra oomph but it will leave you more exposed if the attack breaks down.

This Pogba card is probably one of the best cm's in the game, behind Gullit and team of the seasons. However, if my Pogba was tradable and i could sell him for 800k, i definitely would. I feel like this card is more for people with lots of money to spend or are looking to have fun in this game.



Ball control

Height/ jumping

Long shots


Heading accuracy

I wouldn't put defending, finishing or balance as a con because they can easily be fixed with chem styles.

Formation: 41212-2
Position: CM
Games: 25
GPG: 0.32
APG: 0.52
Pace (7/10)
Shooting (8/10)
Passing (10/10)
Dribbling (9/10)
Defending (7/10)
Physicality (10/10)
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