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Oscar - 86 - SBC
Excellent CAM
By mufafu, 17-04-2019

Alright, first review, so here goes nothing.

I've seen countless reviews and comments about how Oscar wasn't worth it, or he didn't provide for the team he was playing for, or whatever other excuse. In my experience, having done the CSL SBC as soon as it came out(thus spending about 130k to get him), and using Oscar for 140+ games, I feel they couldn't be more wrong.

I have played a Brazilian team for the majority of the time I have played FIFA 19, but with all the broken Brazilian SBC players that came out with Carniball and Birthday, I couldn't fit him in a solely Brazilian squad. So, I currently use him(yes, I still use him) in a Prem/Brazil hybrid. Oscar plays CAM, with FFS Eder Militao and Futmas Firmino at CM, Flanked by Birthday Willian on the left and Carniball Hulk on the right wing. Headliners Arnautovic Leads the line. (All my players are on 10 chem, i use in game switches to get to this.)

Now, enough about the squad he is used in, and on to the player himself. This man is in the right place, at the right time, 9.9/10 times you use him. His work rates are perfect for a CAM/CF. His dribbling is exquisite. He seems to turn out of any situation and find a perfect pass down the flank to a cutting winger. His short passing and through balls are amazing, but long balls over top sometimes leave something to be desired.

On to his shooting. Oscar is no Carniball Talisca, but even post-nerf, a finesse shot on his right foot is more than likely going to find the top righthand corner. Where Oscar surprised me is in the attacking positioning and reactions categories. Like I said previously, he is always in the right place, and thus he sometimes just finds the ball at his feet, inside or outside of the box, and has an open lane to hammer a goal home.

His defending and physical stats are nothing to write home about. He will win a ball if it's passed directly to his feet, but don't expect him to be anything close to your DM. In terms of physicality, I find his strength stat to be deceiving, as he will put up a fight against most midfielders to keep the ball and get a pass off. However, if you find yourself up against Varane, get that ball out of his feet quickly. His stamina is fine if you play him at CAM or CF, but at CM he tires out very easily.

Overall, Oscar has been a rock in my team for many a game, and he has provided countless clutch goals and assists when I needed them most. This card, especially now, is worth every penny.

Attacking Positioning!!!

Ball Control

Vision/Short Passing

Long Shots

Price(At this point in the game)

Physical Attributes

If you didn't already start a Brazilian team, Links

Long passing


Formation: 433-4
Position: CAM
Games: 144
GPG: 0.51
APG: 0.57
Pace (8/10)
Shooting (9/10)
Passing (9/10)
Dribbling (9/10)
Defending (3/10)
Physicality (4/10)
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Oscar is an ideal CAM for any team, quick, great dribbling, great shooting ( especially long shots and finesse) and his short and long passing are incredible, can make assists and through balls all day. My only issue with Oscar is the 140k it cost to do the SBC, if you have coins to burn then go for it, he's really good!
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First off this guy is a beast he is a quality card for 50k that is a steal way cheaper then his sbc.Even tho he has 80 pace he runs fast and his shooting is incredible and his passing is great too overall he has a magnificent card.I recommend him
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