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Gianluigi Donnarumma - 89 - FIF
The Hand Of God (Donnarumma)
By lehungpcg, 19-04-2019

So i was struggling to find my GK, there are few goods GK in the game but still i find them missing something for me.

I was using Courtois when started the game ( skipped those low stats GK), he stayed with me for 300 - 400 games because i was using varance and ramos as my dual CB so they make perfect triangle which open for me potential different players in other positions.

The game keeps adding new players usual as it should be. So many beautiful cards i have addicted to include CB position so yeah we got bored of our old players and we change.

This come with one result i have to change my GK too. Things settle for me with De Gea and David luiz fb and kompany fb for around 100 - 200 games.

De Gea is always good in any version of fifa but he is bored and very common and also not satisfied for me so i was looking for new GK and because i have 2 untradeable fb which is PL so i dont have too many option and i wasted a lot of money because of tax changing my GK.

First i bought LLoris carniball after seeing good review on him.

  • He is good punching crossing, and corner -> awareness of cross which is good if you are scared of corner kick then buy him.
  • He is bad at 16.5m2 finesse shot, really bad, if you can reach it he will literally catch it in his hands but if he can;t reach it, its a goal. This is much worse than De Gea maybe because of his height.
  • He wins 1 vs 1 but not as many as de gea so my personal feeling that he is worse than de gea in term of money and consistent.
  • LLoris doesnt have the Match Savior Moment
  • Stay with De Gea if you want to upgrade to LLoris.

Van der sar 89 rated.

  • So i was once facing opponent using van der sar and he was insane that match so i gave him a try
  • I can't really say much about this card, after 7 games i played with him i sold him. He costs me too many goals which i think could be saved by De Gea.
  • He is weird and doesn't feel special compare to the money spent.
  • His reflex is really good but somehow he feels slow maybe because of his speed.
  • He doesnt' come out on corner kick or cross unless it is really close to him.
  • Nonetheless some of you may like him but for me if you do not have to buy him because of the link chem then still stay with De Gea.

Now come to guy which changed my whole squad.

  • So literally, i changed my whole squad because of my GK and some of you will say what a waste and im fk crazy but yeah i done it and did i regret ? Hell NO.
  • I bought Donnarumma because like VDS, once i face opponent and he was using Don and i got so many shot and header at close range but just insane he saved it all and makes the match Draw.
  • I benched Kompany and replaced with Chiellini 90 rated and im still ok with it. surprisingly good CB
  • You can say GK doesnt affect much the game but seeing the GK saves your ass so many times when the opponent is just as good as you are, this is satisfied.
  • You can see the stats say and i won't say too many things about other review like his reflex, diving, handling, positioning ...etc, that is too common if bring out to compare to him.
  • He just got so many Match Savior Moment for so many games. it's just so weird and i told you don't believe the stats EA gives you, try and feel the hand of God.
  • Match Savior Moment is the time when the opponent cross from the wing or corner and you can see they heads the ball at very close range but then the GK saves it in incredible ways. That is the time you made the right decision choosing him.
  • Trust me and give him your "gloves" ( use basic chem, dont use gloves not what i mean) if you are seri A players, if you can link him or maybe just like me change the whole squad because of him and totally worth it.

Literally Everything

  • If you still got too many goals using him the please consider your plays, your defends. but anyway i know pro players can see and feel who costed the goal and not try to blame GK.
Formation: 4231
Position: GK
Games: 50
GPG: 0.00
APG: 0.00
Pace (5/10)
Shooting (5/10)
Passing (5/10)
Dribbling (5/10)
Defending (5/10)
Physicality (5/10)
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The best?!

This goalkeeper is insane!! Apply basic chemistry on him and he has 99 diving, 99 reflexes, 99 handling, 99 positioning. Only CL Neuer, cech’s flashback and schmeichel 93 icon are better. Played few rival matches and he and he just keeps the goal clean.had 1 goal agains me which was a rebound from 1,5 yard. It was a driven timed shot.
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Solid GK

Donnarumma, what a player. One of the best GK I ever used. I never been so confidence when he is in goal. I packed him from fut champs player pick. I can say, he is a beast. I have tried TOTS Oblak, TOTS Ster Gen, 92 De Gea, and TOTS Alisson. I can say, by far I find him the best. Firstly, His crazy height. This guy is so tall. Surprisingly, despite not having long throw trait, I managed to deliver the ball by throwing, it ...
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Kind of overrated

I was really happy to have him in my players pick from FUT Champs rewards during the Serie A TOTS week, I had 2 player picks from reaching Gold 2 or 3 and picked Fabian TOTS and Donnarumma TOTS.So far Fabian is doing a fantastic job, but Donnarumma not so, which I will further explain in the pros and cons.Overall he is a decent GK, but the problem with him is instead of catching balls he punches the...
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