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Lukas Podolski - 88 - Flashback SBC
Left foot King
By futplayer123, 19-04-2019

So first of all I had to do Podolski because he was my childhood idol and after looking at this card i felt like that this guy can give me some fun back to Fifa 19.. And oh man he did not dissappoint me.. I am a Division 2 Player and in FUT Champs I allways get Gold 2. I use him with the Engine Chemistry Style because the pace goes up a bit, and his dribbling needed to improve..He play upfront with Werner SIF and now Kruse POTM as cam. He played now 12 Games and got me 10 Goals and 10 assists. And now into his stats..



He is not on that Mbappe or Werner Level in Speed but he feels faster than his 88.. Engine gives a nice boost on that and with his 92 strength he can push through everyone. His Stamina hasnt been an issue for mei think that is because of his workrates medium and low.


His agility is maybe his biggest and only con. Even though he feels more agile than his stats sometimes he is a bit clunky but you wont get to many technical errors in dribbling because his dribbling and ballcontrol stats are pretty decent.


Oh man I dont know where to Start.. 99 Shot Power with 90 Longshot which feels more like 99 is so OP. He bangs them in from everywhere. He also makes nice runs and his 87 finishing feels better with his allaround shoting stats.. incredibly. Right now I cant tell much about his right foot because that left hammer is the second version of Jesus in this game..


This is where he surprised me. He plays so many key passes through defenders or above them out on the wing its incredible. The Long passing gets with Engine to a 86 so dont be afraid of that. Also his freekicks are fire, he is more than just a longshot taker, he is also a monster in playmaking


Who cares


i already said that 92 strenght is so good on him. I didnt scored a header with him but he often wins headers and his jumping feels better than just a 81.. His Stamina isnt a issue for me due to Workrates, maybe i would sub him off in extra time in a fut champs game but he wins you the matches before that so thats not the problem :D


Shooting (Use that Left Foot)



agility (use engine chem)

maybe stamina

maybe his right foot because his left is so good

Formation: 352
Position: ST
Games: 12
GPG: 0.83
APG: 0.83
Pace (9/10)
Shooting (10/10)
Passing (10/10)
Dribbling (8/10)
Defending (5/10)
Physicality (10/10)
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The Hidden SBC Beast

As I was building a German team, this guy could not be left out. And boy, was I happy I didn't leave him out.Just look at his dynamic pictre, this guy will leave that smile on your face everytime he scores a goal, and he does that a lot.for me he scored 89 and assisted 51 in 124 games. I used him as a RST in a 41212 for 80 games, and as a RCAM in a 4231 for the remaining 44, he performed will...
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what a beast

i did this guy for just over 60k but he is worth well over 250k i have played him in both st and cam and he is mint in both in cam use the engine chem style and in st use sniper i play him in a 41212(2) with fb villa marco reus and iniesta he is like david villa but stronger and better in the airhis long shots and volleys are in my opinion the best in the game.
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Lukas Podolski

This card is amazing he is the best card that i have used this year.I've tried a lot of other players like my man Anderson Talisca(also i wrote a review about Talisca)and as I can say the were not the same.Podolski has better passing than talisca for my opinion and he is way better at shooting.But the bad thing that Podolski have is the stamina he gets very tired at the 75 minute.His agility and his balance tho is a problem...
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