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95 - TOTS
King Kai
By LukeSnow, 28-05-2019

Okay, so this will be my first review ever, however I'm probably going to do it more often from now on since I've been enjoying trying out new players and want to help some of you out. I like to see myself as an above average player but not great. I consistently get gold 2 for the TOTS rewards and can push to gold 1 when I'm enjoying gameplay (rarely). In divisions I currently play in Div 1.


Like most people I expected Havertz to get a TOTS, but definitely not with an upgrade like this over his FFS card. Some key improvements: +8 shotpower and longshots, +10 overall physical and + 17 heading accuracy. These upgrades combined with the fact he is tall (6,2/ 188CM), has 4 star skills and 5 star weak foot really made me want this card. So I decided to buy him, at that point I wasn't sure about the price I was paying for him (2.8 Million on PC).

I tried him in three positions in the 4-2-3-1 with two different chem styles until I found the correct combination for him in my team. I started with trying him at striker, at that time I used the Marksman chemstyle. Overall I wasn't quite satisfied with his performance, it's not that he was bad, but I felt that Eusebio did a much better job in that position. So I moved him to CAM, once again he had the Marksman chemstyle. In this position he really came alive, his passing, dribbling and shooting suited the position like it should. But once again, I wasn't satisfied since I usually had Flashback Firmino playing at central CAM and he did the same, if not better. However, if your central CAM isn't quite what you're seeking for, Havertz is definitely a great fit for it! After that I swapped him with Firmino and put Havertz at RAM. Since this is a wide position, I swapped the Marksman chemstyle for Engine so he would have more pace and dribbling. But man, what a player he's been in that position. He went from a decent record of 10 goal contributions in the first 8 games, to an amazing record of 29 goal contributions in 19 games. He really felt like the complete player as RAM. To go further in depth I'll break down every stat and how it impacted his playstyle.


Starting with pace. This would be a 9 out of 10 for me. With the Engine chemstyle he goes up to 98 pace (for me 97 since he was on 8 chem) and he definitely feels fast. Since he's tall he makes these big yet fast steps which really makes him feel extraordinary as you don't expect it from a big guy like him. He has the pace to burst by players as well as running away form some center-backs and midfielders. However, due to the time of year, most people have nutty fullbacks like TOTS Robertson, who's still able to catch up in the long run. Therefore I feel like he's rapid, but not on the level of the likes of Mane or Mbappe rapid. [9/10]


Moving on to his shooting. Man... this guy is up there with one of the best shots in the game with the likes of Gullit and Eusebio that I both run in my current team. Hands down a 10 out of 10 for me. Even without the Marksman chemstyle, which basically puts his shooting to 99, he still bangs in the craziest of shots. Combine that with the fact he has a 5 star weak foot and I think it's safe to say you have a special man on your hands. One of the things I enjoyed the most, is that King Kai has the finesse shot trait, which makes it feel like pre-patch when you where able to bang in almost every green timed finesse. With him you just have to do a Robben and cut on his left and finesse it top bins. King Kai also makes it simply effortless with scoring volleys, which is 99, just play a lob-ball or whip it up and he does all the work for you. His positioning and finishing is just absurd, always in the right place at the right time, making great runs in behind making his medium/ medium work rates not a problem at all. [10/10]


Next up is passing. Again just wow.. or as you could say in Dutch ''Krankzinnig''. Again he gets a 10 out of 10. With the Engine chemstyle it's basically 99 stats everywhere, except for free-kick accuracy and curve, which I don't mind to much personally. He has the ability to ping the ball instantly without taking a touch, which can create some beautiful chances. Combined with the 5 star weak foot it's pretty much a great pass every time. For the people who like to cross, he also has 87 crossing on his base stats which boost up to 92 with Engine. [10/10]


Continuing with a stat I was genuinely impressed with, which is dribbling. This would be a 10 out of 10 for me. To some it might not be a surprise, as he has 97 dribbling on his base stats which goes up to 99 with the engine chemstyle. However, I've uses some big guys in this game with great dribbling, yet still feel clunky. For example Ibra and Gullit still feel a bit slow and clunky just because they're massive. But this is not a problem at all with this King Kai. He actually feels agile and fast when performing skill moves, combined with the pace he will break some ankles, even against top defenders. Also a part of his dribbling is composure, a stat that in my opinion is still quite controversial into what it actually does. What I do know is that it's 95, which makes it practically perfect and that he won't crack under pressure. [10/10]


Moving on to one of the least important stats on an attacker, which is defending. The reason I'm discussing this stat is because I do occasionally drop back with my wide cams to defend against great players. For this part I actually rate Havertz a 7 out 10. For someone with 57 defending you might think this is a bit high, and you could be right but hear me out. This guy is 6,2 or 188CM with 85 strength on his base stats. With these stats he can actually push quite a lot of players of the ball when dropping back which I was really impressed with. Besides that, this guy has 97 heading accuracy, which is just absurd combined with his height and jumping. [7/10]


On to the last part of my first review, which is physical. For this he gets a 9 out of 10. I've already talked a bit about some stats. Starting with his jumping, just completely nuts and should not be allowed. In 19 games he scored about 8 corners and 2 headers from a cross, which is the most I've scored with someones head in such few games. His stamina is 94, which for a striker and wide CAM is enough to play the entire game. As a central CAM you might need during extra time, depending on how much you use sprint, otherwise it's perfect. Moving on to his strength, it's simple great if you combine it with his height and balance. Lastly his aggression, arguably the only stat that is really lacking on this card. However, during the games I've used him this wasn't and issue at all. [9/10]

So yeah, overall this card is simply nuts. King Kai is definitely special and I can see him fit in many different play styles. If you get this guy from the guaranteed SBC or red picks, man... you're extremely lucky as he's one of a kind. Use him and abuse his strengths and he will get you some more wins. He really is nearly perfect, as for value for money I have to say 9 out of 10. This talented man is a combo of Gullits power and Eusebios dribble and shot, you basically can't go wrong with that.


I hope my first review was a good read and that it might have helped you out into trying out this machine.


Overall rating: 9.5 out of 10

Overall rating: 9.5 out of 10

Great pace for a big guy 

Insane shot with 5 star weak foot

Great passing again with 5 star weak foot

Nutty dribbling for a big lad

Physically great

Maybe price depending on budget and team

Maybe likability depending on team

Formation: 4231
Position: CAM
Games: 19
GPG: 1.21
APG: 0.32
Pace (9/10)
Shooting (10/10)
Passing (10/10)
Dribbling (10/10)
Defending (7/10)
Physicality (9/10)
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