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Karim Benzema - 96 - TOTS
By Tcscrazy, 04-06-2019

Well at first, i got him a 81 + la liga sbc. he's my MEI in a 4-3-3 (4) with kluivert in front, mbappe 88 and F.A. 88 on the sides, with prime Viera and baby Stoichkov behind. And OH MY GOD he is a beast, his 68 long passing really fells like 80. I did not have any problem with that. He's Strong, Shoot is great inside and outside the area, passing is amazing, and his agility is really good for a player with his height.

Shooting:10/10 Really powerfull and precise shoot

Passing:8,8/10 Great in short passes, but his 68 long passes are a problem sometimes, even though it dosen't seems 68, it's better than it

Dribling:9/10 Really good ball control, 4 skill moves are nice

Pace:9,5/10 I use Shadow on him, he becomes really fast

Phy: 9/10 He's strong, nice

HHis stamina is not the best, as MEI can't hold the whole game

Formation: 433-4
Position: CAM
Games: 15
GPG: 1.67
APG: 0.67
Pace (9/10)
Shooting (10/10)
Passing (9/10)
Dribbling (10/10)
Defending (6/10)
Physicality (9/10)
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Trust me. Get this card. I have only played 6 games with him but in division 1 of division rivals and I tell you, he is something else. I have previously tried UCL TOTGS griezmann, aguero, etc. He is a combination of these two on steroids. I have scored 15 goals with 3 assists. Incredible finishing. Brilliant long shots. Decent Dribbling. Surprisingly good passing. Good enough physical (scored 3 headers). To be fair however...
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Benzema? WOW!

When I first saw these cards I needed to have one. The card art is probably one of the best I've seen. I bought Benzema or 130,000 and it was worth every coin, when I first saw this card the first thing that came to my mind was "Why Benzema?". IRL I think Benzema is grossly overrated but for a special card that upgrades every stage Real gets to is 100% worth the coins. He is probably one of the most fun strikers that I have...
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End game playmaker

So your main question is: is he worth doing? My anwser would be - of course. For around 120k you are getting an end game player rated 96 on CF with maestro chem. style. I managed to lower the cost of Benzema with some untradables to only 40k. First thing I did was moving him to a CAM role in a 4-3-3(4) tactic. The main aspect I directly noticed was his ball control - it is like he has a glue on his feets. Because of that he...
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