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Edin Višca - 91 - TOTS
Edin Višca - cheap winger worth every coin!
By Yahoo82, 06-06-2019

I was looking for cheap but good RW to use in 4231 or 424 formation while trading to buy Sancho TOTS. I tried a lot of them but only Lozano Headliner was quite ok.

Then I found Visca.

I use him with hwak chem style and he is great. Very fast, with, or without ball, always atacking, always looking for a chance to pass through defenders.

I played 46 games (LW and Rivals) and his numbers are 15 goals and 24 asists. Quite good for 50k player.

With 99 crossing he can deliver ball directly to my CR7 head, or cross long ball to Ronaldinho.

With positioning 99, finishing 96 and shot power 99 almost every ball from penalty box goes into net.

If you are looking for cheap, but great RW, or fast sub Visca is The One :)

  • best Value/Coins for RW in game
  • great passing and grossing
  • very good shooting
  • very fast with and without ball
  • stamina - this guy is fresh whole game
  • strength (71 with hawk) - can be pushed easily
  • jumping - he rarely win headers
Formation: 4231
Position: RW
Games: 46
GPG: 0.33
APG: 0.52
Pace (10/10)
Shooting (9/10)
Passing (10/10)
Dribbling (8/10)
Defending (5/10)
Physicality (4/10)
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Perfect super sub for me

I'm using him as a super sub. I packed him in a 15k pack and hes worth it to try this guy out. There are better options at the RM/RW/RF position but they are worth a lot more coins. At the moment u can buy this card for 55k and it's pretty easy to get that amount of coins.
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Got this card in the Super Lig guaranteed pack and was pretty happy with it at the time (Thought he would be a great super sub). Oh how wrong I was....This guy is pretty much useless. His shooting is shocking and I don't think he has registered a shot on target in 7 games coming off the bench to play RAM in a 4231 in the 60th minute. He couldn't pass very well at all with even short passes going haywire. His position...
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