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Maximilian Eggestein - 88 - TOTS
Free Tots
By GoncaloDuarte90, 07-06-2019

So, where do I start? This guy is amazing. First, he was a free card, and having a Bundesliga squad, I had to try him. Second, you only had to play 1 or 2 squad battle games. So, an easy and free Bundesliga TOTS. What more could I want?

Pace: Well, becausehe plays as a CDM, I had to give him shadow. With shadow, he gets 89 pace and 88 defending. He does not feel superfast, but as a CDM, he is fast enough to stop some counter attacks.

Shooting: Because of his 89 longshots, when I have the change, I have a go with him. Some of his shots hits the opponents or the keeper saves them, however, when you need a goal, he will score them.

Passing: As a CDM, he does not get the chance to pass a lot, as I pass quickly from my defense to attack. However, he has gotten some assists, and can play great long balls.

Dribbling: I don´t use dribbling that much,, so I really can´t say a thing.

Defending: Now this is where it gets interesting. As I said, with Shadow, he gets 88 defending. And OMG. I expected him to be good at defense, but I didn´t think he was that good. Sliding Tackles? He can make them, and very well might I add. From time to time, he might make a foul, but he only has a yellow card in 44 games, so he does not make many fouls. I can say that his best stats are Standing Tackle and Interceptions. In the matter of standing tackle, he is great. He is there to stop a counter by just pressing "circle" on PS4, And interceptions, he is a legend. He stops counters because he wants. I don´t have to tell him to do a thing. I would give 10/10 if he didn´t make some fouls (there are some that are strategic but others are just stupid).

Physically: He is amazing as well. His strenght is great. He just pushes opponents in an incredible way. His 84 strenght does not make justice to what he is in game. Besides, 99 stamina. What more can I say?

To finish, he is amazing. I reccomend him to you.





-Free TOTS

-You can not longer get him.

-You may find squad battles boring.

Formation: 4222
Position: CDM
Games: 44
GPG: 0.09
APG: 0.14
Pace (8/10)
Shooting (6/10)
Passing (7/10)
Dribbling (5/10)
Defending (9/10)
Physicality (9/10)
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Needs a SIF

Used this guy in place of Sabitzer for 3/4 games in WL. He is a nearly card. He needs a little more pace, little more passing, little more defending and physical. A little more everything. Should he get a SIF that is an 83/ 84 i will use it for sure. I very quickly dropped him for Sabitzer for that reason.
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The Great All-Rounder

For a free card, this guy is insane... I really enjoy using him in my Bundesliga squad! He's absolutely my kind of CM. Reliable passing, strong tackler, H/H work rates, and the odd screamer of a goal (nice 4* WF, too).He's 5'11", but if anything, it is a bonus. His lower centre of gravity makes him more agile and less clumsy than the likes of taller players (Havertz, at 6'2", I was somewh...
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A card 100% grinding out 1 or 2 squad battles games for. He fit straight into my team since I already had POTM Brandt and POTM Havertz, and I sold a UCL Fahrmann that I had for 95 Trapp which I got in my Bundesliga TOTS pack. I put a shadow on him since he is my CDM, which got him up to 89 pace which is really good for a CDM. Putting something that increases his pace puts him in the Gullit club of all above 80 stats as well...
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