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Houssem Aouar - 95 - TOTS SBC
Your End-game Card
By hisashirockz, 19-06-2019

Rivals: DIV 2

Weekend League: Gold 2 mostly

Future Stars Aouar 91 was my favorite player in this FIFA and I refused to sold him for so long, until the market crash before TOTS forced me to. So I was freaking overjoyed when they released this SBC, that I was willing to take 150k loss on KDB 97 TOTY that I bought a few days earlier just to complete the SBC as soon as possible (bad investment but I really thought KDB was gonna be my end game CAM). And boy, he does not disappoint, and will definitely be irreplaceable until the end of FIFA 19.

I always give out some stats fact along with my review, and this one would not be any different. In the midst of this TOTS chaos, overall rating does not mean much anymore and there are plenty of 95 cards out there. But, total in-game stats is still the stats that I look to when reviewing a player. Aouar has 2592 and out of all players in FUT, he ranks 6th overall only below the likes of prime Gullit, prime Matthaus, TOTY Modric and TOTY KDB, which all cost around 2 mil or more. So for his SBC price of a little less than 600k he is an absolute bargain. Now, stats means little in this FIFA but trust me, this card is as good as advertised.


If you have one or more french / ligue 1 players, this card is a no-brainer. Simply put, if he fits in your team, GET HIM. Very very FUN card to use, such a good value for the price, can be any player that you want depending on the chemistry style (he's a 94 CB/RB with sentinel!) and will definitely be in your team until the end of the game. I have tried a whole range of CM/CAM in FIFA except for the outrageously expensive ones, and no one has better bangs for bucks, feels as good or as balanced as Aouar. Bruno Fernandes TOTS is close and such a bargain for 100k but has 3 star WF, feels less agile, lacking in defense and slightly limited links. I can go on and on with my other players' comparison, heck I even took some loss out of 97 TOTY KDB because i felt that he was not agile enough and cost 4 times as expensive. The only thing obstructing this card from getting a perfect 10 is his badly rendered generic face. Those who don't mind the authenticity please do yourself a favor and finish the SBC NOW. For more reasoning behind my rating, see the grading breakdown below.

Grading policy:

I grade each respective categories based on the base/game stats, and how well they perform relative to that expectation. So, if a person has a 70 pace stats, and his run feels like 70, I would give him the same grade to that category, which is 7. And I would scale the grade up and down based on how they out-perform / under-perform their own stats.

Chem used: Hawk.

Used Position: CAM

PACE: 9.6/10

96 pace and 96 acceleration with Hawk and there is nothing else to be said. If you take into account his 95 agility and 97 balance, he feels extremely fluid and agile. In 20 games that I played him, there are tons of occasions where he would make a run behind the defender, win the sprint and slot it home. Overall, the pace feels exactly as advertised, so solid 9.6 for speed here.


His future star card was pure joy for me in attack. His positioning in particular, is out of this world. He always pops out of nowhere, makes a run into space, create a chance for himself and smash them into the net right foot, left foot, header, you name it. This TOTS version is just a crazier revamped version. I have R9 and Robben 93 leading the line but Aouar basically took half the spotlight to himself and greatly reduce both of my strikers goals per game ratio. Even better, his finesse shot traits is as effective as it was before the patch this year, even without hitting it green. 28 goals and 16 assists in 20 games in rivals speaks for itself.


99 vision and 99 passing, his pass will get to wherever he wants it. Crossing is average on 82 but I rarely require him to do so. Dribbling is another level. I am not a good skiller but this guy go past people without having the need to use one. Many times during the game I would go into a situation where losing the ball is inevitable, only for Aouar to go: "hold my beer" make a turn at the very very last 0.1 second and retain the possession magically. Pure pure FUN to dribble and pass with.


Stats-wise, his defending and physicality is not outstanding, for a defender. But for a man who has above 95 finishing, positioning, agility and balance, To have all interception, marking, standing tackle, sliding tackle above 85 is ILLEGAL (Aouar is the only player in FIFA 19 with these stats). I can't give a perfect 10 because jumping is slightly poor and so does his strength on-the-ball. But other than that, you won't have a player that is equally adept at defensive as he is in attack other than Aouar.


With Marksman, you get 94 striker and 96-98 rated midfielder depending on the position. With sentinel you get a 96 CDM or a 94 CB and 90+ on all base stats. You can't get any more versatile than this. In terms of linkability, surely french flag is pretty easy to link, but there were not a lot of good ligue 1 players when the future stars was released, which was my main concern. But now the TOTS is here, any french ligue 1 players or the likes of Lyon players like Ndombele, Depay, and Mendy is enough to provide the hyperlink and form one heck of a team. Hence the perfect 10.

My squad:

+ The most all-around balanced overpowered player in FIFA

+ Crazy pace

+ Superb finishing and positioning

+ Before-patch-like finesse shots and long shots

+ Smooth smooth dribbling

+ Very composed

+ Laser-guided passing

+ Defensively adept

+ Can be switched in-game to any positions

+ Fairly easy to link

+ A bargain for 500k

- Generic face

- Untradeable

- Average crossing

- Average heading

- Slightly weak on the ball

Formation: 4231
Position: CAM
Games: 20
GPG: 1.40
APG: 0.80
Pace (10/10)
Shooting (10/10)
Passing (10/10)
Dribbling (10/10)
Defending (9/10)
Physicality (9/10)
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