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91 - TOTS
By TheLovelyChicken, 20-06-2019

Lie back in your chairs, get a cup of coffee and a biscuit, because I think I am going to be a long time explaining to you how FANTASTIC this card is!

First up, here is my team- (

I play on Xbox One, and I'm a Division 4, Gold 3 player. All players in my team are First Owner other than Aubameyang and Halstenberg, so as you can see, my pack luck has been on-point this year. I have always struggled to play really competitively, due to my defending being very bad! So any tips on that, or any help with my team would be taken on-board and appreciated!

As many of you will know, it is hard to create a "perfect" hybrid team, without 3+ ICONS, without including a few players to just get the chemistry. I have just 1 ICON in my team who is the 86 Base Vieira card, (I will try to get round to reviewing him in a couple of days).

I was previously using Mendy, who was obviously that bit quicker and played on 10 chemistry, but despite him being 6'1 with reasonable jumping, he was nearly always the man who was letting me down with the back post headers, even Dani Alves outperforming him aerially. Mendy also had quite low reactions, and so I started looking for a better LB. I wanted someone cheap, who was tall, and played like a traditional LB. And so I went to, and messed around with the filters so I was getting Left Back's that were 6'0+, with at least 80 Pace, 88 Defending, and 88 Physicals. Halstenberg almost had a shimmer of gold round him, being 6'2 with a nice weak foot, AMAZING jumping (96), and just BRILLIANT stats all round! I still cannot believe he is under 100k!

I am not trying to raise his price, he is never going to be sold from my team! If anything, I am encouraging you to go out and buy this card (If you can fit him in on at least 7 chemistry)!

So getting into actual gameplay, (as stats can be misleading sometimes), I immediately noticed the dramatic improvement from Mendy to Halstenberg! As I mentioned, my defending is awful, so I find it hard to tackle, but this man plays similar to Van Dijk, and just shoves people off the ball, even if you can't tackle them. He must have done this at least 6 times, and only 1 time counted as a foul.

And, I briefly touched on it earlier, but his aerial presence is as good, in some cases BETTER than my Flashback David Luiz's! He will outjump every player bar Van Dijk, and Ibrahimovi?.

He is brilliant at taking corners, defending corners, and scoring from corners, so if it seems like every shot gets saved and put behind, maybe it's your time to try Halstenberg! His dribbling itself is very good, the agility and balance are fine by me, he feels smooth and composed whilst on the ball.

But, as I noticed, his tackle is also very good! He has a very professional-style tackle, making them look technically good, and physically good. Obviously, his pace can be a bit of a problem, when you come up against an opponent with Mané, Aubameyang and Sterling in their team, but I rarely noticed any real problems with it, generally.

With his attacking play, he has very accurate crossing, and his through balls can be FANTASTIC! I didn't notice his shooting, but as a LB, that wasn't my main priority. He also has 81 penalties, which is VERY nice, when you go to a Penalty Shootout in Champs, after the opponent got a 122nd minute equaliser. (VERY painful, if you haven't experienced it yourself!)

I cannot tell you enough how good this card is! In my team, if Vieira wasn't my captain, it would go straight to Marcel Halstenberg!


He simply does NOT give up! He makes brilliant tackles, and has brilliant defensive positioning, and on the very rare occasion that he does not tackle a player, he will keep going! His work rates     actually feel like the should be High/High! 


The way that Halstenberg shoves opponents off the ball with ease simply does not cease to amaze me! This can also be a really nice advantage when he is attacking for the team as well. His headers are EXCEPTIONAL, I cannot fault his physical attributes at all!


Want to play Halstenberg as a LM when you are 2-1 down with 10 minutes left? He ticks all the boxes, his passing is second-to-none, and he can cross like Reus! He has given me so many assists from corners, it is unbelievable!


Obviously, it's an added bonus when your full-back has 4*/5* skills, but it also common to see 2*/3* among full backs, and weak foots can be an issue. Halstenberg can pass on either foot, his right not quite so impressive, but certainly not a problem. 


Again, it's one of those where it's great, but not brilliant. I have not had a problem with it whatsoever, but he is clearly not the Marcelo of the LB world. Agility and balance are low in the stats, but it doesn't feel bad on the pitch. It's certainly fair to say that he does not feel sluggish.


It seems very harsh putting pace into the CONS section, as I have not had a problem with it. However, I find it frustrating when I read a review and in the CONS section it says "There aren't any". Unless you are reviewing someone with 90+ in all stats, 4*WF and SM, and 6'0+, you should be able to find a CON. His pace was great, but not brilliant, which I think may be the reason as to why he is extortionately cheap. He has that mentality to keep chasing a player though, which I was not seeing with Mendy, so that was really nice to see.

-CHEMISTRY (For me Personally)

If you have a German/Bundesliga team, or have an ICON at CM or CB, this will not be a problem for you at all. It was only a problem for me as I had to use my Vieira on the other side to get full chem to Alves and 7 chem to Gnabry. He certainly performs even on 7 chem though!

I'm not going to put shooting into the CONS Section, as it is not necessary for a LB. I also had no experience with his shooting, other than 1 penalty (which he scored), so I also feel it is harsh to judge this.

Thanks very much for reading, and sticking with me the whole way through! If you could drop a like up the top, it would be very much appreciated!

Feel free to ask me any questions down in the comments, I will reply as quickly as I can!

Formation: 4231
Position: LB
Games: 16
GPG: 0.06
APG: 0.31
Pace (8/10)
Shooting (5/10)
Passing (9/10)
Dribbling (8/10)
Defending (10/10)
Physicality (10/10)
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