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Vieirinha - 89 - TOTS
tots vieirinha
By Lorenzodewaal, 23-06-2019

when ligue 1 tots was here i did the guaranteed sbc and i got fonte out of it and let me just tell you one thing: he is absolute trash but i just thought i'd use him because i did spend like 80K on him so i sold hummels neuer alaba and 86 if delaney and got tots maignan ucl rttf renato sanches and at left back i would then need a portugese left back but i wasn't really sure who to get because portugal doesn't really have any left backs so i waited it out and then there came tots vieirinha for only 38K i bought him which is an absolute steal for a card like that i used anchor on him to boost his jumping strength pace and defending and he is the best left back i have used all game and probably in the whole of fifa he is lightning quick it doesn't matter if you're going against mbappe because he is right there with him then his shooting for a left back is just emaculate he has scored me so many goals already especially from corners that get cleared and he just bangs in a longshot then his dribbling is so good to the point where he could play as an outside winger compared with his passing or as a central cam you can play him anywhere his defending is also very well balanced and he just intercepts every through ball and if not he'll just whip out an excellent standing tackle or sliding and at last his physical now his strength could be better but with the aggression combined i don't feel anything of it and with anchor chem-style his jumping is amazing as well.

pace: his pace is already very good but i decided to boost it with the anchor chemstyle and he is just as quick as mbappe with that on.

shooting: if you think about it 89 shooting for a left back is just ridiculous

dribbling: his dribbling is also amazing he is so agile and quick to turn with

passing: his passing for a left back is also amazing his crossing is already so good and his vision combined with the short and long passing is just perfect

defending: he is so important for me in my defense by always clearing balls intercepting dangerous passes stand tackling and sliding he's just goy everything

4* 4*: the 4 star skillmoves is extremely helpfull because you can do la croquetas which save me in a lot of occasions

well i guess you could say that he's right footed while in a leftback position but his weakfoot is good enough that you won't notice anything

strength: his strength is kind of low but pared with the aggression i have no problems at all with it

Formation: 4231
Position: LB
Games: 17
GPG: 0.35
APG: 0.29
Pace (10/10)
Shooting (8/10)
Passing (9/10)
Dribbling (10/10)
Defending (9/10)
Physicality (8/10)
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So this card is really strange to start off with.I got him red and after a day of playing with him he was very good and starting at RB on 7 chem moved to a CAM/ST in game with Hawk he is a hidden gem! Can't wait for his tots if he gets one and you should try him out too.
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I have been using this card as a sub to replace Pogba in the 2nd half as a CAM or Martial as LM. I dare to say that he's better than both of them. He's quick with very good posittioning and his shooting is phenomenal. I use a artist chemistry card which gives him a 93 rating as CAM. 93 rating for 20K is incredible value for money.
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