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Martínez - 89 - TOTS Moments SBC
Good Super Sub
By GeoTheFifaBeast, 26-06-2019

So I had used a lot of Josef's cards throughout this years FIFA. From his based gold card, to the MVP card, and now when this card came out I wanted to try him again, and here's what I took from using him. Considering you only have a few days to do this SBC is why I'm writing this review with only such a few games played.


One of the best assets on this card is his pace. For being as short as he is you can feel the power to break away when you are running with him, and can also see him making his runs in behind because he is so quick.


I personally play him as a lone striker in a 4-2-3-1 or 4-3-3 (depends on my opponent) and he's been clinical in his finishes in the box. His current record for me is 8 goals in 6 games, all in Div 1 rivals. His small body size lets him move quickly and take first time shots effectively. His long shots have been very poor for me, but inside the box he's scored a mix of headers and 1v1's. When he gets a chance at goal he's usually making it .


The thing the kills this card for me. Or at least if you wanted to use him in champs or high division rivals. His passing is poor. Can occasionally make that small short pass for the 1-2's, but most of the time you're playing against TOTS, Icons, or other special defenders/CDM's and in this game routes most of your passes into their path. He struggled to make a lot of passes for players making runs down the wings, and would mess up some great counter attacks from poor passes.


Since he has the good agility/balance combo he feels pretty smooth on the ball. This helps when he's in tight spaces in getting around the tall /strong players. He has the 4 star skills so he can la croqueta himself and open up for the green timed finishes. His dribbling isn't quite as good as a Messi/Gomez type, but his low center of gravity is enjoyable.


Surprisingly good at headers. Despite only being 5ft 7 he seemed to jump in front of a lot of defenders and win headers. He wasn't very effective on corner kicks, but was effective in open play. Occassionally wins headers from goal kicks depending on who your opponent is using in the back.


He has a good amount of strength on him, but not good enough to make up for his small frame. When my opponents players pressured him as he was getting the ball the more meta players like Van Dijk just brush him off with minimal effort. He does well against full backs for the most part, but taller, stronger defenders will push him off easily so you have to keep moving around and try to not be predictable. His stamina last you a good 90 min, but based on how low it is towards the end of the 90 he probably won't be as effective in extra time.


For the 55K that this card cost, I would say he's a bargain super sub. He has a lot of good things going for him such as clinical finishing, decent aerial ability, smooth dribbling, etc. But where he fails it effects a lot of how you play. His low passing is (to me anyways) a deal breaker for players who like playing tiki-taka style play. Plus his small frame limits your ability to hold up the ball and make the moves you want to make.

I can see him being the player you sub in late in the game because his pace and finishing can cause problems, but to be a starter I don't think he quite has what it takes.

positioning is good

finishing is solid

good heading ability

smooth dribbling

passing is poor

strength is not noticeable

small body frame leads to being dominated by bigger opponents

Formation: 4231
Position: ST
Games: 6
GPG: 1.33
APG: 0.33
Pace (10/10)
Shooting (9/10)
Passing (3/10)
Dribbling (7/10)
Defending (2/10)
Physicality (6/10)
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