Marco Reus - 89 - IF
Reus is the best
By Oricc, 22-10-2018

This Reus card is one of the best cards I have used this FIFA. This card is basically an icon at CAM and has godly shooting. I had plenty of weekend leagues games where he was the difference maker. His timed finessed shots from outside the box are incredible. I have a free kick goal with him from 29 yards (my only of the year), and it was not driven against Navas. He has amazing free kicks and every time either forces a hard save or him the woodwork in 7 attempts. He does get some finishing chances and gets it every time. He has great composure with a good touch and amazing shot and control. His passing is so good that in situations where I couldn't shoot he could make a perfect pass through to Werner or Lucas. His passing also is great on the counter attack, you run up the field and he controls it from the middle and then can send someone through or even dribble himself past the defender. His dribbling also allows him to create the space at the top of the box for the deadly shots. He has stamina problems but since his shooting is so good, it doesn't affect him that much in game, at the end it can be hard for him to run, but his pace isn't necessary in this formation, he's a general and doesn't make as many overlapping runs. The other part of this card that isn't ideal is the amount of strength. If he does run through it can be hard to fight with defenders, but that's basically every player on the game so it's not that bad.

Long Shots




Free Kicks


Through Balls

Long Passing



Formation: 433-4
Position: CAM
Games: 28
GPG: 1.18
APG: 0.46
Pace (7/10)
Shooting (9/10)
Passing (8/10)
Dribbling (9/10)
Defending (5/10)
Physicality (6/10)