Juanfran - 87 - Flashback SBC
Prime Juanfran
By KadenM, 13-10-2018

There is a lack of options when it comes to pacey RB that can attack as well as defend. You can use IF Joao Cancelo, IF DeMarcos, Florenzi, or Zanetti. MAYBE Carvajal. Those are the only RB I would trust going forward because they are quick enough to get back and defend as well. Now, you can add Juanfran to that list. I've only used him for ten games but he's a limited SBC so you either do him now or at the end of the cycle most likely. Using players in my club I was able to complete him for a total of 65k which I think is a steal for a player of his quality. He is a RB so he mostly came toe to toe with LW and he has no problem bullying Perisic, Sane, and Mane. When he went up against Suarez and Firmino he was able to handle them as well. Something I wouldn't really expect from one of my Fullbacks especially in the air. His jumping is only 74 but he is 5'11" which is more than enough for a fullback.




He has 79 Acceleration (94 with Shadow) It still

felt like he was a bit slow to get going. But I definitely feel his 94 Sprint Speed (99 with Shadow) No

problems getting back or catching up to wingers.


Shooting (6.5)

He has 75 Attack Positioning and Shot Power with

72 Penalties. I could feel the

positioning. He was in decent positions around the box. Didn’t get a chance to

ever shoot with him though So I can’t say much about that


Passing (9.0)

This is something I find important on my defenders, but many other people don’t care about. He has 86 Short Pass and 74 Long Pass. His short passing is phenomenal. He has decent Vision (80) and his through balls find my Lucas and Firmino flawlessly. The best thing about his passing though is his 90 Crossing and 89 Curve. His crosses whip around defenders and curve back towards my players. Found my Mane tons of times but he’s pretty bad at heading.

Dribbling (8.5)

I use my fullbacks as extra wingers, so I do a lot of dribbling with them. I was surprised to find that he had 4 Star Skill Moves when I accidentally did a Scoop turn with him in game. His Ball Control is 87 and it really helps him with defending. I think it helps with not losing the ball after tough tackles. That and his 91 Reactions. He is also one of the only players that runs to a loose ball. His agility is only 82 which I think means he just misses out on some dribbling animations, but I thought his turning on the ball was fine. He has 70 Balance, but I didn’t notice him stumbling around or falling over or anything.

Defending (9.5)

This dude was making some insane tackles for me. Like think about the tackles that Smalling somehow did in FIFA 17 and then apply that to a faster player. He has 92 Stand Tackling and 91 Slide Tackling (97 and 99 with Shadow) You’re not going to find another fullback with that type of tackling this early in the game. His Marking is 85 (95 with Shadow). He has no problem playing on players and can stay in front of them and make them uncomfortable. Didn’t have any problems losing players on corners either. His Interceptions are 87 (97 with Shadow). He’s fantastic at them. Even controls most of them well. The one thing that I think lets him down is his 67 Heading Accuracy (72 with Shadow) He headed a few passes into the middle of the field where nobody was.

Physical (9.5)

Physical is an area where many fullbacks fail. But it’s fine because wingers do too. Juanfran is big enough (5’11”) and has 80 Strength. Which is plenty enough to push almost all wingers and most strikers off the ball. He is able to run all game with his 87 Stamina and I am able to use him 3 games consecutively without giving him a fitness card. His aggression is 85 and I honestly think this is one of the best things about his card. There are a lot of aggressive players that just run and bounce off the player they’re targeting. Juanfran makes sure he gets the ball and knocks over the player. His 74 Jumping is OKAY since he is as tall or taller than most other players, but I think his marking helps him out in the jumping department.




Recovery (those tackles where he pokes it loose and stumbles a bit.)


Crossing (89 CURVE)



Heading Accuracy

Acceleration ( I know with a shadow it gets boosted to 94 but Sane and a few other wingers were initially able to outpace him.) He quickly caught up though.

Formation: 433-4
Position: RB
Games: 10
GPG: 0.00
APG: 0.40
Pace (8/10)
Shooting (6/10)
Passing (8/10)
Dribbling (8/10)
Defending (9/10)
Physicality (9/10)