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    Heung Min Son - 88 - FUT Birthday
    Who is Sonaldo? This MF is SONALDINHO!
    By Habib58, 25-03-2019

    Where should I start..

    I started to play with his Inform Card and oh mama it was so good 370 Games 350 Goals 220 Assists.

    After Fut-Birthday came out i decided to Upgrade to his new Card and change my Team for that.

    His Finishing - Brilliant he is Rapid he has low Physis but he can easily get between the lines even if a Defender is on his back. He can literally Shoot from everywhere cause of the 5*Weak Foot.

    You can shoot from Afghanistan to Russia and it goes in.His finesse shots - incredible.

    If you don´t have enough for the Fut-Birthday Version just go on and buy his Inform Striker card. You wont make anything false.

    • Shooting
    • Speed
    • Physis
    • Walkways
    • Finesse
    • Stamina
    • 5*Weakfoot
    • League
    • Nation
    • Nothing Else
    Formation: 4222
    Position: ST
    Games: 18
    GPG: 1.11
    APG: 0.39
    Pace (8/10)
    Shooting (10/10)
    Passing (9/10)
    Dribbling (8/10)
    Defending (1/10)
    Physicality (8/10)
    WHAT A SON !!!!!
    By IamNicko, 27-03-2019

    I was lucky enough to get him in the first 80+ Player Pick pack i did ,i couldn't believe my eyes first decent player I've pulled since the beginning of FUT 19 ... With that being said he is hands down the best CAM you can get for that price or less he is simply unbelievable .. Don't look at the stats yes it's good but it's a lie .. he plays 10x better than those stats suggest (even doh they're still great)

    • PACE - his pace is good enough for the CAM position where he can drop back to defend and also push forward for counter attacks
    • SHOOTING - Well lets just say CR7 like power shots and strange but powerful finesse shots as well beats the keeper before he can react
    • DRIBBLING - for his height his turns are super smooth and clean you'll be able to create space easily with him just by using the left stick
    • 5* WF & 4* SKILLS - this is such a positive that i don't even know where to start but basically he will use the la croqueta (Iniesta Skill move) go move the ball quicky before being about to fire an amazing shoot or thread a eye of the needle pass to his teammates for a wonderful assist
    • PASSING - this is also one of his stand out stats especially playing at CAM with his vision he will easily see all the plays and runs that his teammates are making and is able to find them with all types of passes
    • PHYSICALITY - this stats play exactly how it say so don't expect him to out jump or out muscle his opponent or win the ball with aggression
    • HEADING - if you like crossing the ball into the box i heavily suggest you use ground crosses because even if he wins the header very rare will it be on target because of his poor heading accuracy
    Formation: 4231
    Position: CAM
    Games: 10
    GPG: 1.50
    APG: 1.00
    Pace (9/10)
    Shooting (9/10)
    Passing (9/10)
    Dribbling (8/10)
    Defending (3/10)
    Physicality (3/10)