Duván Zapata - 94 - TOTS
Extremely disappointed
By CRFooty, 08-08-2019

Man how disappointed I am with this card. I packed him in the 100k pack that I got after completing VVD PFA TOTY. I decided to add Zapata into the squad and try him out, but this turns out to be one of my worst experiences in FUT19. Attached is my in game squad and I do think that this is a good enough squad for Zapata to show his ability. However, I used him for 5 games and he only scored two goals, in which both of them are penalties (even one hit the post before going in). At this point, you may think that I am bad at the game, but I subbed him off in one game and I scored a 30-yard banger with a 47-rated bronze Jordan Young. Generally, Zapata is sluggish on the ball, has a slow turn when dribbling, and he either hit the posts or missed even if I timed all shots green. He actually missed from 3 yards out, hitting the post. I just cannot stand him anymore and decided to stop the experiment, especially when all 5 games were in DR (Div 4, ~1250 skill rating), which makes me even more frustrating. Luckily, Quag and Bobby cleaned up and saved my side from losing all those games. In addition to his 3-star skills and 74 balance, this is one of the most deceptive cards you can get: looks great on the surface, performs extremely badly big time. Apologies if I offended or triggered someone.

Great pace

Can actually win headers against the likes of Vieira (honestly dont know why)

Great one-twos with teammates

Missed far too easy green-timed shots

Poor aggression, even if I set him on Come back on Defence, he still won't come back and defend

Poor stamina, runs out of stamina after just ~60 minutes

Formation: 4222
Position: ST
Games: 5
GPG: 0.40
APG: 0.20
Pace (8/10)
Shooting (2/10)
Passing (7/10)
Dribbling (4/10)
Defending (5/10)
Physicality (6/10)