2020-05-19 18:05
The Death of FIFA I’ve been a dedicated fan of this game since FIFA 13 released. I’ve played FUT every year, and each year I have given EA hundreds of dollars along with countless hours of playing time. Over the last couple of years I have seen my enjoyment of this game slowly go down, but this FIFA has been the last straw. The packs are awful, I have spent 200 dollars the past two weeks and have not packed one TOTS, not a single one. That is robbery, and completely unfair to the player. Next, the gameplay/servers are subpar for how much money EA has. The fact that each weekend the servers in the US can barely handle gameplay is shameful. The gameplay is inconsistent and unrewarding, I do not have fun playing this game anymore. Lastly, the community is so toxic. I remember the peak of fifa, back during FIFA 14. The community was amazing, but now it’s horrible. This is the last fifa I will ever own. I no longer want to play this game. It’s time to move on, the fun has died.
2020-05-19 19:05

no, my parents won't let me lmao...but even if i did it wouldn't be on fifa