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Mislav Oršic - 82 - SIF
Is He Worth The Hype?
By FutbinReviewer, 13-11-2019

Morning, Afternoon or Evening all!

You may have seen my comment introducing myself telling you that I am someone who plays a lot of FIFA, and just generally enjoys playing and sacrificing my evenings to let you all know how my experiences were with several players. That said, I do enjoy doing these reviews(hence I made the account, of course).

My first review is this unbelievable 82-rated inform Mislav Orsic. Honestly when I first saw the card, I thought it was a glitch. I've seen before when FUTBIN accidentally mistake one stat on a player, for example when 81 Thuram was released near the start of the game, he had 88 shooting when his card dropped on FUTBIN and obviously this wasn't the case in game. But I looked at his 79 card and realised it wasn't a mistake- he did have these crazy stats as they were the natural increase from IF to SIF. I had to pick him up for you guys as the response to the comment was unreal, about 60 likes I think it is on at the time of writing this review. I did manage to snipe him at 70k and if I lose coins, it's the sacrifice I gotta make for you guys. I do genuinely care about the people who take time to read these reviews. To you, thanks a bunch.

Anyway, let's proceed.

Chemistry Style- I applied the Sniper chemistry style to Orsic, the reactions and composure boost was needed and a little extra finishing makes his shooting something I never thought I'd be saying about a mid-november 82 inform card, endgame. That extra ball control and dribbling was helpful too to get the best out of his already high agility and balance, which were both boosted to 99 with Sniper applied. I would also suggest Marksman and Deadeye. Any of these 3 chem styles give him end game pace and shooting, which is just insane.

Pace- Unbelievable. Great place to start as this is one of the most enjoyable parts of the card. With 94 pace, considering the fact that he is small with good agility, means that he is absolutely blistering. Like, seriously quick. Don't touch the pace with a chem style, Hunter and Hawk not useless, but certainly not needed. He has a good split of 93 acceleration and 95 sprint speed, so no waiting for Christmas to get up to pace, straight into full flight and when he is, good luck stopping him. Rumour has it Varane and Militao are still chasing him, and we're about 4 paragraphs into the review. Anyway, rapid.

Shooting- In all fairness, high pace is common on these low rated inform cards. What isn't, is high-tier shooting. 88 shooting on any 82 rated card is unbelievable, and when they have 94 pace, it is something else. I can tell you that his shooting is absolutely next level. I played him in low-mid ish division 1, so as you can imagine he was against top-tier or at least competent players. After playing these games, I can tell you he will be a super-sub in FUT Champs, and tbh I expect me and most of us will get him in red rewards, being 82 rated. If I don't, I'll keep this one. He is a must have. Inside the box, sniper grants him 99 finishing with 88 positioning and when he is inside the box, he finishes most chances but admittedly, the composure did let him down sometimes, but very rarely, and the finishing along with shot power means his driven shots and indeed regular shots are great. However where he excels is his long-shots. Oh, my. This guy absolutely destroys from outside of the box and having played him LAM, he was able to shoot often from outside the box. But this isn't even the best thing. I have found(not personally but having being one of the first to use him, I guess I can say I discovered it?) the best finesse shot taker in the whole game. Simply wow, press Rb and A(I play XBOX, obviously, but whatever the PS equivalent is, just press it, and you won't regret it). He has the best finesse shots I have ever had the pleasure of using this year. 90 curve with his long shot stats means that he buries absolutely everything from 40 yards and inside(he can also finish inside the box, meaning shoot from anywhere inside your opponents half and indeed outside of it, regardless, he will score). Probably the best all-round finisher of a ball I have used this year.

Passing- Mixed bag. I didn't upgrade his passing but I would be interested in applying Deadeye to see if it makes a difference. His crossing was generally good as his crossing stat of 81 and curve of 90 meant that he could whip it in and cause danger in the box, but realistically after shooting with this man, why would you even need to cross. With fairly average short passing of 75, he did fail some simple passes which frustrated me but in all fairness this was a rarity, he was regularly consistent and in all fairness, passing with Orsic wasn't the first thing on my mind.

Dribbling- One to discuss. In general, he did feel great on the ball, his agility and balance paired with the pace and height meant that he was extremely nimble and difficult to dispossess. The ball control and dribbling boost is needed and it wasn't perfect, but it was enough to regularly get me into position to shoot with this guy. As mentioned, the reactions and composure(what's up guys, NepentheZ here) aren't incredible which is why I chose Sniper and probably will continue to despite the tempting passing boost offered by Deadeye or maybe even artist if you are playing him centrally. The reactions weren't a massive issue, he didn't feel CR7 responsive or anything but it just matched the dribbling, average, and this is the sacrifice you have to make to be able to experience shooting with this guy(I know I keep bringing it up, but when/if you try him, you will understand).

Defending- Yeah, no.

Physical- He is no brute, let's face it. He isn't weak per say, compared to some other players he doesn't get shoved off super easily but when he comes across a big Virg or Varane, it's good night. But who cares, the two of them will already be looking into the night sky wondering why they didn't just stay at home and watch TV instead of trying to mark this speed demon. Not really a threat in the air, but hey, who is. Stamina is good enough for 90 minutes and typically, if you apply fitness before every game, 120.

Weak Foot- 4* WF means he can pass and shoot on either side making that ridiculous shot on him all the more crazy, and when given the opportunity on his weaker left, he was typically successful.

Skill Moves- So unfortunate. Honestly, with 4* skills this may have actually been a shout to go in my WL starting side, and considering the fact is piled with mainly icons, this is some praise. Of course, the 3* skills limit him when taking on men and I can't pretend it is ideal, but in defence of Orsic, skill moves are probably less important than ever this year but of course they still have their merits, but I was able to use many 3* skills to his advantage, and I'm sure you guys will too. But not having the ability to do any of the even more effective 3* skills doesn't render him useless on the ball by any stretch of the imagination, but is something I would dream of adding to this Orsic card more than anything. Just imagine him running around doing 4* skills with that shooting and pace, maybe there is a reason EA didn't let his happen, just to save their entire player base. I am sure he will annoy me still in the upcoming WL and equally, I'm sure I will be able to annoy my opponents with him too. And you, three. Wait did that make sense? Idk, but what sure doesn't make sense is his shooting! Ok, it's time for me to go bed I guess.

On that note, the review is concluded. I hope I have helped you make your decision on whether to buy this card, he is now around 90k but I assume he will drop by tomorrow. The ultimate question is, is he worth it. My answer to you is, do dogs bark?

Better still, do I need to stop trying to be funny?

The answer to all three of them questions share a glowing similarity, their all YES!

On a serious note, cheers for your time lads, maybe a cheeky like would be appreciated for my time but don't feel you have to, I'll never beg. What is more important is that you comment, who do you want next? I've saved a lot of money and can afford almost anyone, just showing what I do for you all.

Love and Peace,


Lightning Quick

Attacking Movement+Positioning Combo

Shot Power+Long Shots

Finesse Shots



4* WF

Finesse Shots(Again)


High Attacking Workrate

Composure(At Times)

3* Skills

Not Strong(But Not Particularly Weak)

Formation: 4231
Position: LW
Games: 10
GPG: 2.30
APG: 0.60
Pace (10/10)
Shooting (10/10)
Passing (8/10)
Dribbling (7/10)
Defending (3/10)
Physicality (6/10)
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