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Allan - 85 - Normal
His second name is consistency
By TheEyesChico, 21-11-2019

I bought Allan for about 40k and played over 200 games for me.

At the beginning I need some games but then...One of the best defensive midfielders without a doubt. His interceptions and tackles are breathtaking, believe me even Keanu would agree. He does what you bought him for. Also good passing, its not like Frenkie De Jongs pasing, but clean and simpel he will deliver. He managed to assist about 30 goals and scored almost 20 with is pretty nice since he almost never attacks since he is on stacy back, it would be probably more but I need one guy for safety in the mid.Aeriel duels is weak and shooting outside box, but thats almost everything with the cons. You get one big adventage with these guy acutally almost two, very agile and quite decent pace. Probably the best normal Gold Card after Kante for defensive tasks. His dribbling is soo nice, which makes him very pressing resistent, and better for me than Fabinho and other not so mobile defensive midfielders.

Extreme good money for value.

  • defensive tasks are super easy with this guy
  • good pace
  • pressing resistence through agility and drbbling
  • feels very strong for a 5`9 ft.player
  • can score and assist
  • Relability and Consistency is what you get with him

  • heading
  • weak longshot
Formation: 442-2
Position: CDM
Games: 200
GPG: 0.09
APG: 0.17
Pace (8/10)
Shooting (6/10)
Passing (8/10)
Dribbling (9/10)
Defending (10/10)
Physicality (9/10)
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My Oh My

Where do i start? To start he is just all round a beast that's literally it. I'm aware this is the first review here so i will try to be as useful as possible. (Basic Info): cm, basic, (10 chem).Pace: Bloody brilliant as he is 5"9 and has the better combo of acc. and sprint speed. He is always running to the ball which is so effective!Shooting: Well his shooting isn't the greatest but hey...
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Road to the Final Allan

This card is amazing, I've used him in a couple of different positions and formations, and most of the he is best as a cm or cdm.He is a card that will definitely get upgraded once or twice and he will be worth the coins as his only going to go up in price. Passing could be better as well as shooting, but they both do the job.
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Absolute Tank

Absolute machine. He is ALWAYS where you need him to be defensively, plus the anchor chemistry style brings everything in Defending into high 80's, lovely! He also chimes up with a lovely assist every now and again. But I would defo recommend if you're looking for a solid defensive option, would pick over Matuidi everyday because Allan can also attack when needed!
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