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Wesley - 79 - Normal
A Total Waste
By aaronjaffe11, 24-11-2019

I bought him for my Trossard League Player objectives. I sniped him at 650 but he did rise to 1.8k during the current hype of the milestone. He is not worth more than 500 coins. He can't dribble he just gets beaten by defenders for pace. I played a 180 who were playing a completely gold team and he did get in the box to make more than twelve shots. However, out of those twelve shots, only one went in, two hit the post or crossbar and the rest were weak, good saves or just terrible finishing. By the way, the team I was playing had base Ben Foster in goal. Playing teams with Ederson or even Bernd Leno he doesn't stand a chance. If you buy him because you've heard the hype about his agility or strength, he is useless and can't get beyond Joe Gomez. This is why I don't recommend getting Wesley and if you need an EPL Brazilian you should save up 3k, it doesn't take long to invest in that and buy Gabriel Jesus or Lucas if you get that far.

Good Stamina

Holds Up Play Well

Can Initiate Play

Has OK Strength

Links to Brazil and EPL

Good Amount of Assists but those have been tap-ins.

Not the Advertised Strength

No Fake Passes or Shots

Too Predictable

Mediocre Passing

Can't shoot to save his life.

No pace whatsoever.

Can't beat the goalkeeper in 1 on 1.

Formation: 433
Position: ST
Games: 14
GPG: 0.07
APG: 0.29
Pace (1/10)
Shooting (1/10)
Passing (2/10)
Dribbling (2/10)
Defending (3/10)
Physicality (3/10)
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Where should i begin... im going to try and keep it short but i could go on for a good while why this player really should be your go-to pick for your Premier league squad or even hybrid squad.Lets get straight to the point! He's big, Hes strong he cant do nothing wrong. In my opinion he is better than pukki purely because of his holdup play.Slap a hunter on him and he cant miss
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a beast

wow! what a striker very strong with a good finish and he his not so slow i bought him to my starter team at a sub then he was so good that i build a team for him the brazilian team its a amazing team and wesley scored for me 50goals in 43 games! and asisted 11 amazing striker even for a sub.
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I bougth him because his stats looks very very good and, in fact, they are, also I like to have a target man and a fast striker in my formation. I'm not gonna lie, it was a little surprise. If you like to have a striker which can pass and protect the ball, this is the card for you. His shooting is also very good due to his 89 shot power. I recommend to pair this guy with another fast s...
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