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Paulo Dybala (RTTF Live card)
By EliasPraha, 13-12-2019

First things first, this is my first review I give on Futbin, I can imagine that I make some mistakes, so if you see something which could/should be better..let me know :)

As I used his normal card for over 250 games and enjoyed this card very much, it was time for me to purchase Dybala's upgaded card. First I thought about it to buy his IF 89 rated card, but after some browsing over the transfer market I found the Road to the final card for the " discount price" of 550.000 coins, which I didn't hesitate to buy. Of course this price is still insane for a 89 rated player, but as his card will increase by (now every KO round win for Juve in the CL) I think its a bargain. FYI; I bought this card December 1st.

Too be honest, for me this card has everything a CAM should have in this game, 10/10 cheeky dribbling, good passing and shooting and a awesome Free kick. I play him in 4231 formation as CAM and he really loves giving that assist to Politano special card (sorry forgot the exact card name).

I bought this card with a Hunter chem style, which gave him 89 CAM, but I changed this to Deadeye, which made Dybala a 93 CAM.

The cons for this card are definitely his 3* WF and his pace could be a little bit higher as well, but as mentioned before as his card will automatically upgraded by every round Juve will win in the KO stages of the CL, this shouldn't be a big issue.

So concluded, if you are looking for a CAM with great dribbling and finishing and you have the coins (this moment 801.000), I would recommend this Paulo Dybala RTTF card. FYI; today the card will be upgraded to the 90 version.





Weak foot



Formation: 4231
Position: CAM
Games: 53
GPG: 0.60
APG: 0.75
Pace (8/10)
Shooting (8/10)
Passing (9/10)
Dribbling (10/10)
Defending (4/10)
Physicality (5/10)
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Ive tried many players from TOTS this year but none suprised me more the Dybala ive played 10 games with this monster and all i can say is that this is a real game changer.Im useing 4-2-2-2 formation he plays as right cam with balanced instrucion and come back to def.His positioning is outstanding he always looks for gaps ,and when he get a ball o lord have mercy not many players can catch him
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dybala the shooting machine (hawk)

ill make it short .....guy shoot guy scores ...guy passes guy assists...guy dribbles defenders gone but no for real he is amazing as an ST CAM and CM ..very good .... can do everything he can even defend !!!!!and he is only 70-80k by the time i wrote this . LST in 41212(2) /middle cam in...
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Dybala " La Joya"

Well, we all know that Dybala wasn't a meta player on FIFA 19, the lack of stamina, 3 start week foot, combined with the fact that he was average in everything and good in nothing made his failure. But in FIFA 20 thing has changed, I liked him so much and he is so incisive that he became my favorite player so far.
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