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Aaron Wan-Bissaka - 82 - IF
A Good Card, Sometimes a Really Good Card
By DanM1992, 16-12-2019

Was really excited for this card when i'd watched the derby and I thought, guaranteed Wan in form. knew it would be an automatic 82 so got even more excited.

TLDR; the card is good, but wait for the price to drop below 50k. Managed to pick one of these up for 65k when his price dropped.

  • Pace - Good, fast enough to catch 90% of attackers (Sterling included BOOMBOOM), very rare he gets outpaced by anybody. I feel like he doesn't feel very agile despite 87 agility which can make his pace sometimes feel a bit sluggish. 9/10
  • Shooting - He's a defender so not really important, never had a shot with him - ignore. N/A
  • Passing - surprisingly good considering how low it is, i've got a backbone on my card and it seems to get rid of any wild passing. Though I will say, if you're thinking about passing further than 20/30 yards along the floor then don't because it goes wherever it fancies. Doesn't seem to get much power in the passes either especially with driven passes (RB/R1+A/X), but for short passing it doesn't really matter. Cant cross a ball to save his life. 7/10
  • Dribbling - one of his best attributes IMO - Despite it being 81, he's really well composed on the ball (Surprising with 75 composure) keeps the ball fairly close to his feet, very rarely takes a mistouch. The agility is shown when he's got the ball at his feet but not so much when he's running without the ball. 7/10
  • Defending - Best stat he has by far, wins tackles left right and centre and his interceptions are ridiculous. I've never had a defender that automatically runs out to pick up loose balls before but he does. Plus those slide tackles he makes are easy to do with this card. 10/10
  • Physical - Unfortunately underwhelming. Doesn't do that great in the air and doesn't hold up too well in a strength battle. The highlights here are the stamina and the aggression - wins 9 out of 10 50/50s. The stamina is great too, lasts all game without any issues but after 3 or 4 games when stamina is in the 80s he starts to dip towards 70/80. 6/10

Overall he's a pretty good right back, I much prefer him to Walker who personally I think handles defending terribly because of his work rates. The closest kind of player to him for me that I've used is Cancelo. They play very similarly in game but Wan is much his superior in terms of defending plus with his nationality he's got great linkability with icon's like Ferdinand or in form smalling for example.

He's a good card, sometimes a really good card, I just don't think he's worth the coins just yet.







Agility off the ball

Long Passing/crossing

Formation: 442
Position: RB
Games: 25
GPG: 0.00
APG: 0.12
Pace (9/10)
Shooting (5/10)
Passing (7/10)
Dribbling (7/10)
Defending (10/10)
Physicality (6/10)
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