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Bruno Fernandes - 86 - Europa TOTT
86 Bruno Fernandes (Insane value for money)
By Sidex18, 05-01-2020

This Bruno Fernandes review is going to be slightly different from the others as I play him as a ST. And this card is an absolute machine! Shooting, Pace, Dribbling this card has everything and he is worth 17k. I play him with a hawk which boosts the required stats to godly level. I play him with Lewa, and their combo is insane, yes they don't have any chemistry since they're from different nations and leagues but as players they compliment each other. Lewandowski lacks only in his pace as he is quite slow and is quite heavy. Bruno Fernandes with a hawk is so quick, yes it says only 85 pace, but in game since he's soo light on his feet and soo agile.His passing and pace really hurts defenses on the counter, his 92 positioning puts him in areas in front of goal where the defenders and even the goalie cant reach. He makes for a superb corner taker and his threaded balls are crazy, it splits defenses. His shooting makes him the dream player. With hawk, his shooting pushes to 90, but in game it feels way better. His 99 shot power makes you unleash a cannon whenever you shoot, don't let that 83 finishing mislead you because its much better when you try him out. The best part of his shooting is his ability to squeeze the ball past the goalkeeper in tight spaces and angles. His 93 stamina makes him a key player during the final third of a match when defenders are tired, his ability to breeze past defenders becomes much more effective. His defensive work is quite on point as well, he has the ability to win the ball upfront and can change defense into attack very quickly.He's a complete game changer as he's too quick on the counter and his finishing I have to say is one of the finest around. What I have to say really hurts him is his strength. He can get away from defenders but when he's getting challenged physically, he usually loses out and his shot goes off when he shoots with a challenge on him. But like I said, I dot get affected by this as when it comes too strength, Lewa is one of the strongest strikers around, he can win the ball in the air, steal it from players, out muscle them and set up Bruno for a guaranteed rocket through the net.

Rating: 9.4

Pace : 9.5

Dribbling: 9.7

Shooting: 9.9

Passing: 9.5

Defending: 5.9

Physical: 4.5

Recommended Players to link with:

Futmas Acuna

RTTF Bolasie

Scream Guerreiro

Any player who can support him physically

He currently goes for 17k on Xbox and PS4 and 18.25k on PC. With his base card somewhere around 11k, the upgrade is definitely worth it.

All stats mentioned here are with the Hawk chem style

99 Shot Power

99 Penalties

98 Volleys

92 Positioning

93 Stamina

89 Vision

Really light, feels like a breeze

Great Free Kick, Corner and Penalty taker


Really light so gets pushed around easily

Hard league links (Few good players in the league)

Formation: 442
Position: ST
Games: 62
GPG: 0.94
APG: 1.21
Pace (8/10)
Shooting (10/10)
Passing (8/10)
Dribbling (9/10)
Defending (6/10)
Physicality (5/10)
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