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Prime Stoichkov Review
By POiZON, 16-01-2020

After using him for 141 matches, I finally had to review him! He is by far the pack card I have ever opened from a pack in FIFA. I received him untradable so I had no choice but to use him as I could not sell him therefore I cannot really comment on the "value for money" section as I didn't spend any money on him. I am glad that I couldn't because now I have what to me is the one of the best strikers I have ever used in FIFA. He is the full forward package for most players. I played him as a solo striker and in a two striker formation and he was just as good in both. He can be played as an ST, CF, CAM or even a winger or inverted winger if you wish to meaning he can play anywhere up front. Apart from being a prolific goalscorer (100 goals), he is also a great playmaker and chance creator for his team mates. Racking up 52 assists for my club. Overall, I would fully recommend him if you can live with the cons that will be talked about further in this review. I will be reviewing him without the added bonuses from the Engine chemistry style.

-Pace (92): Incredibly fast pace with 93 acceleration and 91 sprint speed. He outruns all midfielders and defenders for me and is perfect for the "get in behind" instruction.

-Shooting (93): Absolutely amazing shooting. Good positioning, finishing, shot power, long shots, volleys and penalties all rated above 92 allows him to score prolifically from all kinds of situations and positions. Lethal left footed finesse shots into the left top corner cutting in from the right side. Also effortless goalkeeper lobs of they rush out of goal.

-Passing (86): For a striker, he has amazing passing. He has good vision, crossing, great free kick accuracy so you can use him to take free kicks easily combined with shot power and curve, as well as solid short and long passing. He is also a great playmaker and a good chance creator for his team mates and can set up a lot of assists.

-Dribbling (92): Solid dribbler, good ball control, good agility and balance as well as composure in front of goal and around opponents.

-Heading (82): As broken as heading is in FIFA 20, he scores a few headers for me in his games.

-Physicality (86): For a 5'ft10'', 73 KG player, he is very strong in the physical department. 86 stamina allows him to run for a long time, 83 strength allows him to hold his ground and push through but the best part is his 93 aggression. It allows him to fight in all challenges as well as push through players with ease and putting all the effort into getting what he wants to do.

-3 star weak foot: This to me is his biggest con by far. Means you can't shoot very well with his right foot. Sometimes he will manage to score but most right footed shots will either miss or be easily saved by the goalkeeper.

-Jumping (79): He doesn't jump very high or well.

-Can't play as a target man. He is only 5'ft10'', has 82 heading (which isn't too bad but not good enough for a target man) and 79 jumping so he won't be winning any aerial duels against taller and stronger opponents.

-Left footed: This con is personal to me as I always play with right footed strikers. I am right footed in real life so it only feels more natural to me to shoot with the right foot in game. It took some getting used to playing only with his left foot as his right is too unreliable (3 star weak foot) but if you don't mind that then it's fine.

-Medium/Medium attacking and defending work rates: A little bit of a con, he most does his job but occasionally he will be lazy to make a run behind the defenders if you want to give him a through ball. He doesn't really join the defence if you set him onto "stay forward" instruction.

Formation: 4312
Position: ST
Games: 141
GPG: 0.71
APG: 0.37
Pace (10/10)
Shooting (10/10)
Passing (10/10)
Dribbling (10/10)
Defending (6/10)
Physicality (9/10)
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