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Marco van Basten - 91 - Icon
Shattered Dreams
By RampantGod, 17-01-2020

Casual Fifa Player here and was hoping to add someone dangerous into my squad. Been using POTM Toko Ekambi as a striker for a while now and had close to 300k in coins. Sniped this dude at 290k and was feeling pretty good. He had a hawk chemistry style and although a lot of people recommend a Hunter or Engine, I kept the dude with a hawk to try and test him out. I love Van Basten and felt that with this card he was going to be insane.

Things started out pretty well as he delivered with some assured finishing, nothing fantastic or out of the ordinary but my love for the player made me keep using him I was a prisoner of the moment. Things turned sour when the only reason you buy this card for, his finishing, started to become irregular. Maybe the meta has to be blamed, but this dude, for me, should be a devastating finisher. With small, mobile, and skillful players being preferred I wanted to change it up a little. Close to 30 games later he is now back on the transfer list. The final straw was him heading over the crossbar, unchallenged and unmarked, from a few yards out with the keeper still re-positioning himself at the front post. Pace is also quite bad, and with the amount of OP defenders this year that are fast, mobile and can warp themselves back into positions from a mistimed tackle like RTTF Militao, Ferland Mendy, and Gomez, this card can be challenging to play with. Played 10 games with hawk and the last 20 games I threw a Hunter on him.

Finishing: 8/10

This is the biggest reason you buy this card. There is something a little off with this card. He still gives you insane finishing from time to time but I feel that maybe it's the meta or I'm not using him correctly. Doesn't do justice to him IRL. Maybe because this is the middle version...but still. Scored a few finesse shots and is devastating near posts. Would have been a monster in Fifa 19. Feels similar to 91 POTM Suarez. But then again, if you've seen clips of this guy on Youtube or seen him play IRL, prepare for a massive disappointment.

Dribbling : 7/10

Surprisingly pretty sticky in the box. Maybe due to his physical size. But his balance makes this card noticeably heavy. Again, maybe due to the meta this year with everyone having faster defenders he just feels a bit left behind.

Pace: 5/10

Only giving 5 because a Hunter makes him better. 100% don't use the get in behind tactic with him. Like with most low paced strikers, skill move or close dribbling to beat the defender is your best choice forward.

Passing: 8/10

Surprisingly good. Some of the through passes this guy gave don't do his stats justice. Again it's not out of this world and 8/10 is based off his passing not doing his stats justice.

Overall: Unless you trying to make money off this with the hope that the ban on him by EA causes his card to skyrocket or fluctuate in price or you are so madly in love with him (e.g he is your favorite player irl) better off investing somewhere else. Honestly doesn't feel like a card worth 300k unless you are extremely good with close control or love these type of players. With the amount of OP meta cards EA are dropping, it would be better off just saving up more and investing in an end game icon.







Formation: 41212-2
Position: ST
Games: 30
GPG: 0.57
APG: 0.40
Pace (5/10)
Shooting (8/10)
Passing (7/10)
Dribbling (7/10)
Defending (5/10)
Physicality (7/10)
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