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Dennis "The IceMan" Bergkamp
By MayShaulov1, 24-01-2020

Firstly I most confess on something: I'm an Arsenal fan. Since this day, Dennis Bergkamp is my favourite player of all time.

Becasue he's my favourite player, I started to play FUT way back in FIFA12, for the hope that one day he will be back on the game. On FIFA 18 my wishes came true: He's here! but oh sh*t! He's too expensive! I could never efford the Prime version of this card!

Luckily, in FIFA20 it's so easy to make Coins, so everyone can efford at least 3 Top-Tier Icons in their teams.

My squad is in the URL up top: I open with 4-1-2-1-2(2) with Dennis on the CAM position. For me he's the best CAM on the game and one of the best players I have ever played with.

Let's get right to it:

  • Shooting - Although this guy play on the CAM position, he can also be a ST. So clinical, consistent finisher who can finish from everywhere on the pitch. He can't miss.
  • Passing - Sometimes I feel like he got 90+ Passing. Long passes who alwayes look incredible, accurate passes from short range also, and he's true Vision Sniper.
  • Weak Foot - I don't remmeber which foot is stronger. It litterly feels like he got 5?.
  • Dribble - With the dirty stat of 90 Dribbling(deserve more) he feels great. You can't get the ball out of him.
  • Pace - In the first time I thought that his 84 Pace could ruin his card, but with Engine he becoming 89 Pace who feels like 94 in game. The Midfielders always chasing him.
  • Stamina - The 82 Is not a problam. If you get to Overtime he can played till the 110' minute. Also, I recommneded you to play with him on Conservtive Defence. Let him focus on the attack.


maybe the price. he's over 1M. but that's all.

If you want to have fun on the game with good player you most chose him. He's actually bater in game more then his great stats. COYG!

Formation: 41212-2
Position: CAM
Games: 246
GPG: 0.82
APG: 0.74
Pace (8/10)
Shooting (10/10)
Passing (10/10)
Dribbling (10/10)
Defending (2/10)
Physicality (6/10)
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