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84 - FUTmas SBC
Youcef Atal
By FcBarca222, 28-01-2020

This card is amazing. By far the best RB that i have ever used in fifa and the fun thing is i wouldn't do him if there wasn't a 50k pack as a reward. I've used a lot of different RB this fifa but everyone of them lacked something, either that was pace, passing, dribbling. There was always something but Atal seems to have it all.

  1. Defending with him (for whatever reason) feels just stupidly easy, he gets every tackle, every interception and beacuse of the pace he just feels like a nightmare for the wingers.
  2. His dribbling is insane, which is something i don't look much into chosing a RB but with him it just feels so easy to create space, that gives my midfield a lot of space.
  3. WF and SM are spot on.
  1. He is hard to link
  2. He isn't the strongest so he has a harder time against a strong winger/striker

Formation: 4222
Position: RB
Games: 111
GPG: 0.02
APG: 0.13
Pace (10/10)
Shooting (4/10)
Passing (7/10)
Dribbling (9/10)
Defending (9/10)
Physicality (7/10)
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Yo,Here we go:Picked up atal for 450k. A little bit to much cause the price dropped about 80kthis weekend. It was on friday and the shapeshifters had been fresh on the market.Chemstyle: MarksmanIngame-formation: 4222...
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When I instantly saw his card, I was excited. He plays CAM in my team and drops back whenever I lose possession. His shooting is phenomenal, especially with a Finisher or Marksman chemistry style. Dribbling is my favourite, as he's electric on the ball. Passing is very good, defending is kind of impressive and physicality is decent. Wouldn't choose him over POTM Wissam nor his 87, but I'd say is better than his 86 and below...
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