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91 - OTW
Grizou Griezmann
By Whitesblike69, 05-02-2020

What can't i say about him. This guy is so composed in the area. He scores everything. No matter where you finesse, he will find a way to squeeze it in. Although his pace may drive you away from the card, use a hunter on him and you'll see him running away from guys like van dijk, scream pique, rttf militao, varane, etc... I'm a div 3 player, gold 2-1 fut champs player. This guy is crucial to my gameplay, he can dribble, skill and when you need it, he'll split open your oppenent's defense with a single through ball. I've only used messi a handful of times but griezmann plays as good as him. I play him in a 4-4-2 along side crespo (85). Griezmann is the one who holds the ball more and sends crespo, but when you need him, grizou pops off with hattricks, doubles, anything. He literally either assists or scores every game. if you buy this guy, he'll push you to the next level because he is crucial in front of goal. His weakfoot will let you down 1/5 times but don't be hesitant to shoot with his right, because he will still find a way to score. Weirdly, this guy wins all offensive headers, especially headers from your kickoff. i've played over 350 games with him and he has scored over 300 goals and assisted at least 150 goals. with 1 more if this griezmann will be unstoppable.

  • fast with hunter
  • agile
  • good passing
  • deadly shot
  • finesse shots always go in
  • strong using his body to shield
  • wins headers
  • holds the ball
  • will never ghost out
  • very good stamina (will last you all the way to end)
  • 3* weak foot, but will still score with his right foot
Formation: 442
Position: ST
Games: 350
GPG: 0.86
APG: 0.43
Pace (10/10)
Shooting (10/10)
Passing (10/10)
Dribbling (10/10)
Defending (5/10)
Physicality (8/10)
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