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Takefusa Kubo - 88 - Future Stars SBC
Surprisingly good
By LtKoerschgen, 06-02-2020

My first review. I hope it is helpful.

I prepared very early for the LaLiga SBC. When it came out I first was a little bit dissapointed because of the players to be picked. I decided to pick Hernandez even though he is hard to link because of his nationality.

So far I used Hernandez as sub. I really like him because he is a rather small player with good pace and agility.

Tonight EA brought the Kubo SBC and I immediately decided to go for him. With Hernandez in front they both come to full chemistry. Kubo/Hernandez are now replacing Adama Traore and Diego Costa in my team. I honestly have to say that I really enjoy playing them in this combination. Never played Messi in FUT, but I imagine that Kubo feels like a light version of Messi.

By the way, I have the feeling that EA this year rewards you for doing risky SBCs. For example they came up with Bolassie/Acuna after releasing Battaglia. Or Iniesta after David Villa.

  • The combination of pace, agility, 4* weak foot, stamina and positioning makes this guy really enjoyable.
  • 99 accelaration on 173 cm makes him running away from almost every defender.
  • Finishing, curve and weak foot are so good, that even he comes from the left side he scores easily with his left foot.
  • 99 freekicks are nice to have.
  • Surely reaction and composure are the downsides of this card. But he does not feel as clunky as Adama Traore.
  • 76 crossing is a bit low compared to the ofther very good passing stats.
Formation: 433
Position: RW
Games: 15
GPG: 0.67
APG: 0.73
Pace (10/10)
Shooting (9/10)
Passing (9/10)
Dribbling (8/10)
Defending (1/10)
Physicality (7/10)
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Kubo is literally the Japanese Messi. He dribbles insanely well, that 99 agility really helps him out. On his debut he scored 5 goals and assisted 1, if I saw an opening with him and he was making a run, I smashed it up to him, he bet every single defender including Van Dijk with his pace. He also shoved some defenders off the ball. I really liked that at the 70th minute, he still had tons of stamina left even...
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Japanese Kagawa

King Kubo, first of all, the objectives are simple. His acceleration is better than Adama TOTS but his sprint speed isn’t anywhere near the level of Adama. Shooting is brilliant, very good finishing, unbelievable finesse shots, good power, not great, brilliant long shots. Immaculate passing, brilliant free kicks, curve improves finesses. Top 3 dribblers in the game, I’ve heard he’s better at Dribbling than TOTS Messi,...
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Kubo have very good stats,Agillity 99,Balance 99, Finishing 99 4* 4* and 99 pace.173cm tall ,doing it in Squad Battles is a very good objective thing so.hes similar with Neymar but this guy only have 4* 4*.Bad reactions.
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