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87 - IF
Can't believe I haven't replaced him yet
By karleric, 16-02-2020

Getting 87 Di Maria out of my 86+ FUT champions premium upgrade was not the worst possible, but definitely not the best. Di Maria has at the time of writing served me for almost 250 games, not necessarily because he is good but rather because I have him untradeable, he fits my team, and having missed out on both moments Bernardo Silva and headliner Traore, the options are quite limited on the right side compared to the left. As much as I enjoy watching Di Maria play in real life, I didn't have as much pleasure using him in FIFA. Still he has 250 games for me, he has always been the player that is the next to be replaced, but has somehow always stuck around.

For some reason I don’t feel like Angel is living up to his stats. First of all his movement seems a bit off. With 85 pace and 95 agility he should be fluid both with and without the ball but in some ways he just looks uncomfortable. When receiving a long pass down the wing he almost looks like a scared kid in gym class who can’t handle a ball as long as it’s in the air. Playing him as a winger the pace and dribbling stats are crucial and even though he has a good shot with his left foot, I haven’t had much use for it because of the troubles he has getting into shooting positions, and the predictability that comes with having a 2* weak foot isn't helpful.

I’ve used engine for most of the games I’ve played with Di Maria, thinking that it’s the chemistry style that will help his dribbling and general responsiveness the most. After some time I decided to switch to catalyst, just because the 90 pace simply wasn’t enough on the wings anymore. If I were to play him in a central position I’d most likely go with sniper or deadeye to get the finishing up to competitive levels. 

I have probably used this card all wrong. On the wings Di Maria doesn’t have what it takes in my opinion, but he is not the kind of player I trust enough to play at CAM. He has the potential to get a really competitive card at some point though. He has the skills, work rates and fairly balanced stats. He has flair, chip shot and most importantly outside foot shot trait. At this stage of the game the options in Ligue 1 are alright so he is easy to link. Unfortunately the 2* weak foot will always keep him from being a real top tier card, but as an admirer of the real Angel Di Maria, I really hope that we get a card that gives him justice at some point. 

P.S. I haven’t had the pleasure to try out the 89 moments card, but I’m sure that card is something else than this one. Too bad the card is a LW, I don’t know why anyone would want it when one of the best players in the game plays the same position AND for the same club. 

Skill moves, traits

Pace, balance, stamina, weak foot

Formation: 4231
Position: RM
Games: 250
GPG: 0.09
APG: 0.12
Pace (7/10)
Shooting (7/10)
Passing (7/10)
Dribbling (7/10)
Defending (4/10)
Physicality (5/10)
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