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Riyad Mahrez - 89 - ShapeShifters
Best RW in EPL ????
By thulasidasan, 25-02-2020

yeah guys i love to try him out after tried his load card very impressive with finesse shots, so i purchase him for 430k ooops now i almost lost 150k in 6 hours. compared with his RW IF this card workrate updated now you can play in cam position he always in right position. i love to share what beauty of this card, oh my man his finesse shots are absolutely rock another level just another level almost feel messi ingame. But problem his, other than finesse he lacking in finishing he took 5-6 shots to score one. if you take finesse 100% goal im sure on that but i hate his finishing man very very poor dono maybe ea repaired this card in upcoming days. second thought dribbling i tried him with deadeye maestro & sniper he feels very very smooth 5* skill move make this card very smooth. so much love on his dribbling. if you are dribbler 100% suggest this card otherwise stay away from him.. use your coins on someone. another problem his stamina i set stay forward inst., still he dead at 70mins false stamina stat im sure on that ea did something bad on this good card. after 25-40 matches i put him in market tats all story ended very fun card you can score outside no problem at all, but inside box he bad.

Pros :


Dribbling | 5* Skill

Finesee Shots

Cam card

Cons :




Formation: 4321
Position: CAM
Games: 40
GPG: 0.38
APG: 0.25
Pace (9/10)
Shooting (7/10)
Passing (10/10)
Dribbling (10/10)
Defending (5/10)
Physicality (6/10)
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Perfect CAM

Played with him as a central CAM in 4-2-3-1Honestly, he feels amazing. His dribbling is spectacular. Although he is a bit high, he feels very light. His long-shots with his shot power are very good. He can strike top corner from 20+meters easily. His work rates make him sometimes stay at the edge of the box, and slowly join attack in the build-up, which is meh. His pace is fantastic, so you can easily play him at the...
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The sweetest Winger

This player is the most agile dribbler I've ever played. 5 stars of technical moves give him a touch of magic. 4 weaker foot stars are perfect for playing on the right wing.If Manchester city passes their playoffs, I believe this card will be one of ...
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Riyad The King of skills

I used this Mahrez CAM, RW and ST I tried it and he is a machine. He can dribble so good that he feels like Neymar. Mahrez is so clinical for me and he scored many goals. He has 5* skills so he feels amazing. 4* weak foot feels like 5* weak foot. This card is so similar to Neymar.
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