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Riyad Mahrez - 89 - ShapeShifters
Mahrez A.k.A the snail
By heroininjecter34, 20-03-2020

dont be deceived by this card. on the face of it as you can see the pace stat says 89. like many things EA tell us this is a lie. Question - what do mahrez and a morbidly obese boy from slough have in common - two things - their looks and top speed. this guy is so slow that you could stick llorente (34 pace striker) at CB and he would catch up with mahrez in a heartbeat. one night i decided to buy this card once id injected way too much heroin and i dont know how its possible but this guy actually got slower (probably because time was seriously dilated but never mind) next up we have this snails shooting ability. . . moving on we have have his passing. Decent but if your on his right foot then forget it because his supposed 4 star weak foot is so bad that when you kick the ball it feels like a man with erectile dysfunction trying to ejaculate. to be fair to the man he can dribble and if your scum of the earth like most fifa players then youll enjoy dancing round normal people like me with his 5 star skills (if your reading this and this applies to you i hate you). Defending and physical are pretty self explanatory my advice is dont get into any physical altercation with any other player whilst using this card because 11/10 he ends up in the stands. in conclusion i know any one in their right mind wouldnt buy this card and if youre seriously intoxicated like i was then i know it seems like a good idea but trust me thats the drugs talking.


everything else

Formation: 343
Position: LB
Games: 1
GPG: 0.00
APG: 0.00
Pace (5/10)
Shooting (5/10)
Passing (5/10)
Dribbling (5/10)
Defending (5/10)
Physicality (5/10)
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Perfect CAM

Played with him as a central CAM in 4-2-3-1Honestly, he feels amazing. His dribbling is spectacular. Although he is a bit high, he feels very light. His long-shots with his shot power are very good. He can strike top corner from 20+meters easily. His work rates make him sometimes stay at the edge of the box, and slowly join attack in the build-up, which is meh. His pace is fantastic, so you can easily play him at the...
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The sweetest Winger

This player is the most agile dribbler I've ever played. 5 stars of technical moves give him a touch of magic. 4 weaker foot stars are perfect for playing on the right wing.If Manchester city passes their playoffs, I believe this card will be one of ...
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Riyad The King of skills

I used this Mahrez CAM, RW and ST I tried it and he is a machine. He can dribble so good that he feels like Neymar. Mahrez is so clinical for me and he scored many goals. He has 5* skills so he feels amazing. 4* weak foot feels like 5* weak foot. This card is so similar to Neymar.
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